The Cause of the Artificial Syrian Refugee Migration Crisis

June 29, 2016 in News by RBN Staff


Source: English News

Over the past month every last single Liberal-Interventionist and Jewish-owned news outlet and website in addition to almost all political, cultural and even religious subversives have been exacerbating the subversive narrative of an ‘refuge crisis’. This artificial ‘crisis’ has been the product of little short of a decade of Israeli and Western based Jewish-Supremacist military intervention lobbying, immigration lobbying and political narrative dictation on immigration at a governmental level. The ‘immigration crisis’ is in reality the culmination of the displacement caused by ethnic cleansing enacted by Israeli sponsored and co-ordinated terrorist groups from Al-Nusra to ISIS internationally attempting to destabilize Middle-Eastern and North African and even sub-Saharan African states. This is then accompanied by an international Jewish-dominated attempt to lobby the EU, US, Australian and Canadian states into increasing immigration and the demographic defilement of only European nations under the façade of reacting to an entirely artificial ‘humanitarian crisis’.

The existence of the sudden artificial ‘refugee crisis’ is exacerbated by emotive headlines, illogical subversive articles and flawed responses to a migratory increase, which only further increases immigration which is ultimately the intended effect for the Jewish-Subversive government lobbying agencies and elements that have infiltrated into government political parties all over European nations. The sudden increase in migration, that forms the false-foundation of media claims about the existence even of a ‘refugee crisis’ is entirely artificial, the conflict in Syria has been occurring for 4 years and the immigrants coming through Syria had already been in refugee areas in Turkey, Jordan and Lebanon, with increases in attempted illegal immigration from North Africa and sub-Saharan Africa having intensified early in 2015. The majority of immigrants are not ethnic Syrians, they are the minority of immigrants, the façade of the conflict of Syria is being used as a blanket excuse by the Jewish-dominated media to lobby or directly order in some cases, governments to allow in generic immigration from Africa and even as far away immigration sources, as the usual Pakistan, which for years has been the place of ethnic origin of the majority of attempted illegal and so-called ‘legal’ (but actually illegal) migration into European nations.

The conflict in Syria, for the uninformed comes as a direct result of the actions and manipulations of Israeli operations in Syria and the Israeli infiltration into and illegal co-ordination (breaching multiple UN treaties) of terrorist movements, namely ISIS and before and alongside ISIS, back when ISIS was still only ISI, Israel seems to have funded and co-ordinated Al-Nusra and significant elements within the ‘Free Syrian army’, supported by Israeli border incursions, air-strikes and Jewish Neo-Conservative dominated foreign policy manipulations emanating from the United States ever since the invasion of Iraq, instigated by the alleged Israeli assisted or direct attack on the United States on September 11th 2001, with the blame being cast on a series of terrorist groups alleged to have been supported by Saddam, which were in reality an Israel-designed false-flag front, as several hundred sources have suggested over the years.

The most recent so called ‘Islamic state’ follows this precedent. ISIS came into existence allegedly as far back as 1999, although Jewish founded terrorist groups have existed in precedent since the 1946 Jewish-false flag terrorist group at the bombing of the King David Hotel in what was at the time the British Mandate of Palestine. This precedent was echoed later in history with the 1954 Israeli-Lavon affair’s fake Islamic Egyptian scapegoat for what was admitted by the Israeli government to have been a state authorised Jewish-Israeli false flag operation, blamed on the easily deniable Israeli defence minister Lavon and not reported on by the Jewish-Supremacist dominated media in the West.

Similar occurrences have happened at numerous times and even in Europe and America with fake terrorist cells and overtly Jewish terrorist groups such as the Weather Underground in the United States, a group closely associated with Saul Alinsky, and his acolyte Barack Obama, who was described as a result of such ideological affiliations as “the first Jewish President”, a part mock of Clinton’s First Black President statement of allegiance. Indicating that the Jewish-Subversive foreign policy of the United States, and why Obama did a policy U turn on the “war on terror” was precisely because he intended to serve the interests of the Jewish state whilst seeking to undermine the European racial integrity of the United States and Europe (recently encouraging mass immigration into Europe and stating the US should take some of the alleged ‘refugees’), which his stances on immigration has since proven to be his policies effects let alone his mere pre-election unstated policy intention.

ISIS is just the most recent example of this long history of fake terror groups, ISIS was first diagnosed by US intelligence as ‘ISI’ or Islamic State of Iraq, which then turned into ISIS, (Islamic state of Iraq & Syria, with one wing calling itself ISIL, the Islamic State of Syria and the Levant or just the Islamic State in the Levant) when undermining Syria became a possibility to Israeli infiltration operatives. ISI reached military levels of significance and co-ordination prominence by 2006, whilst the Jewish dominated media did not report on it, as they had no reason to, as it was at that early point not yet causing a surge in immigration. The Jewish corrupted ISIS started its campaign of ethnic cleansing of non-Semites gradually, exploiting historical Muslim factional or sect divergences to exacerbate tribal conflicts to tear apart the geo-political enemies of Israel, from the Nile to the Euphrates and beyond, spreading into North Africa, the far-east and Europe.

The history of ISIS and the root cause of the current conflict that has made many of the immigrants who are abandoning their ancestral lands heading towards European nations started long before the current situation, with groups such as Al-Nusra in Syria and before that Al-qaeda, and then numerous less well known and forgotten Islamic terrorist groups going back to the Soviet invasion of Afghanistan. These initial Jewish Neo-Conservative ideology supported and inevitably US taxpayer funded Iraq and Afghanistan based terror groups then entered a period of naturalisation, some collapsing, some returning to their farms, others led by Israeli elements being used throughout the Middle and Far-East to conduct operations and disrupt governments according to Israeli geo-political interests.

Although this post Soviet, post US intervention formation of ISIS and its conflict is not what has caused the surge in migration from Sub-Saharan and North-West and Eastern Africa and Pakistan, these are just ruthless parasites, now with another excuse to migrate, many of them are violent criminals, many of them have partaken in ethnic cleansing militias from Nigeria to Pakistan in their home countries, especially the ISIS infiltrators, who following Semitic orders who have sought to kill all non-Semites in the region.

Millions of these economically parasitic immigrants and immigrants-to-be have been told by Jewish-International, Christian and Socialist aid workers that they should immigrate to Europe, or have been told by other immigrants in Europe to move: an effect called ‘chain migration’ and the effect the current de-facto open border immigration chaos in Europe causes this ‘refuge crisis’ through providing ‘pull factors’ which are only significant as Jewish immigration lobbyists have broken down the once effective pre 1930s immigration controls of European nations.

The concept of refugees from Syria is being used as a cover-all term, which is entirely inaccurate. As any observer can notice, the majority of immigrants are not even from the Middle East, nor North Africa, which is where one might have expected after the conflicts and Israeli instigated ‘Arab Spring’ which saw the destabilization of governments in Libya, Egypt and Tunisia, refugees might be coming from. The majority of immigrants are Sub-Saharan Africans, the usual economic immigrants (especially Somalians and Nigerians) whose numbers are simply being increased, primarily due to artificial Jewish International Aid groups encouraging them to migrate at the local level, something the media is not reporting on.

The motivation for these parasitic migrants to attempt to cross the Mediterranean is being encouraged by aforementioned groups, plus their perception of the European Unions open-border policy, conveniently communicated to them by the current media ‘refugee’ welcoming campaigns, exacerbating political and racial conflicts and the perception of ‘chaos’ within Middle East, African and North African nations multiplied by the pull-factor of benefits and free health care and housing in the EU. All of this is then fundamentally enabled into actual immigration through the erosion of immigration regulations as a result of decades of Judeo-Christian governments and the advances of Jewish-Subversive international immigration lobbying groups, from Oxfam, HIAS, PAIDEIA, the ADL, seemingly the BBC and numerous other Jewish dominated campaign groups and media entities, many operating on taxpayer funds such as Oxfam and the BBC and the Center for Multiculturalism in Norway.

Even if an immigrant lived in a remote rural area in Somalia, they are increasingly being reached by such a message through aid agencies and the Jewish-International media, along with the aid centres and ‘immigration agencies’ based in urban areas, that often operate through aid fronts. This is also well established as being a policy intention of actual government political parties from the far-left to the proclaimed center right Christian-Democrats over Europe, for example with the Labour party’s Lord Peter Mandelson stating that Labour “Sent out search parties for immigrants”.

Hundreds of EU and US based Jewish and far-left organisations, sometimes calling themselves ‘initiatives’ currently have search parties or ‘immigration agencies’ out in Somalia, Algeria, Morocco, Libya, Tunisia, Eritrea, Nigeria, Mali, Pakistan, Iraq and elsewhere, some globally. The number is well established to be in the tens of thousands of personnel, from groups such as HIAS to the Judeo-Christian motivated Oxfam that helps immigrants reach European States and even allegedly (this has been proven in the case of multiple groups, such as the dedicated immigration agency centres) helps economically parasitic non-white immigrants register for citizenship and benefits on EU and UK taxpayer funds and numerous other smaller private funded groups that are almost all motivated by Jewish-Subversive racial-demographic “multi-racial” or “diversity” derived fanatical-ideologies, often funded by Jewish banks, allegedly including Goldman Sachs.

These subversive groups see moving a significant proportion of the fighting age population of the Middle East and Africa into European states as a form of proxy-warfare, demographic defilement/genocide and political manipulation, whilst simultaneously Israel rejects all such immigrants, and actively deports its African Immigrants to Sweden, as English Asatro reported. Hundreds of thousands of would-be genocidal immigrants, many of whom have been caught on camera overtly stating they are coming to Europe to attack Europeans, or making throat-slitting gestures at European people and even news crews indicates the true nature of this refugee crisis from the perspective of the refugees, it is not as a refugee crisis, but a prime opportunity for a full-scale demographic invasion.

Often the overwhelmingly Jewish journalists who have seen and heard the vile, racist attitudes of these non-white Immigrants towards Europeans systematically refuse to report such. Many of these journalists are Israeli supporters, hundreds of thousands of Jewish-Supremacist journalists over the combined EU, US and international media write obsessive numbers of fanatical articles arguing that these openly racial-warfare motivated immigrants should be let into Europe and now the United States. Writing deliberately and maliciously false articles in order to try and soften our European people’s fundamental perception of these immigrants. These same Jewish-Subversive journalists are increasingly becoming anti-European on an ethnic level as to their justification as to why these immigrant hordes should be let into European nations by the million, in fact by the 60s of millions according to some hubris filled news entities, Jewish immigration lobbying groups and the usual Judeo-Christian dysgenics-specialists like Oxfam and the Jewish-Supremacist co-ordinated UN forum on Global Migration with its twisted nature-denying, delusional ideology.

Media and thus the Government level policy actions and talking points have been manipulated into solely focusing on the short term responses to a numerical increase in immigration In a deliberate misguiding diversion away from the obviously artificial, Jewish-Supremacist co-ordination and causation of the surges in immigration, Jewish-Subversive journalists in the West, from the New York based media giants to on-line tabloids have engaged in a vitriolic, emotive, illogical, sadistic and misanthropic campaign to increase immigration further and cause terrorism all over Europe by bullying individual immigration ministers and entire governments into admitting more Immigration, under the self-justifying façade of ‘Syrian refugees’, which is only the most recent emotively laden term to be subversively uttered to mask the real Jewish-Supremacist motivations behind this increase in migration at every level with the intention of “undermining the homogeneity of Europe”.

This is in direct, genocidal opposition to public opinion against immigration. This government policy is partly as a result of the occupied Judeo-Christian media which achieves their corruption of our occupied governments partly through this lobbying campaign, but primarily it is due to the receptive nature of the Judeo-Christian ideologies, or weak-minded, racially-treasonous political views of key agents in government, such as the Communist raised East German Chancellor Merkel, leader of the ‘Christian Democratic Union’ or the admitted partly Jewish David Cameron (admitting such in front of the Israeli Knesset in a speech), who being a racial subversive pretending to be ‘Conservative’ (like most EU conservatives and US republicans like John McCain) capitulated into allowing in 20,000 additional immigrations, in addition to the thousands of illegals who are already breaching our borders with every day that passes and the constantly ‘snowballing’ effect of chain-migration. David Cameron even recently supported the idea of a multi-racial defilement plan, despite being in record in the past in saying that multiculturalism had failed. His intention is to create a non-cultural nation enforced by a vicious neo-conservative state authority.

The Jewish-Supremacist influence or more accurately the dictation of our government’s foreign policy and immigration ‘non-policy’ of gradual ethnic degeneration and defilement has invalidated any legitimacy that our governments and those occupying them once claimed to have.

This capitulation by the UK Prime Minister betrays all election pledges to reduce immigration and thus invalidates any democratic legitimacy of his government and thus wipes out the democratic legitimacy of the UK electoral process and Parliamentary process. A government ceases to have legitimacy at the exact moment when it ceases to serve the ethnic interests of the European population that government was first created over thousands of years to uphold and preserve. All readers must take note that the proclaimed government of this nation has just invalidated its own legitimacy and now has no valid foundation, other than through being upheld by the brute-force and restrictions on our ability to form our own English-government with any real momentum or control over our armed forces and state infrastructure.The formation of a true English government to restore control of our borders and thus democratic state rightfully into the hands of our English people is already being planned through a long term political reclamation enacted which shall be enacted by the English Asatro movement, -when- it actually gains significant momentum, estimated time to completion: 15-20 years. All this plan requires to rival and then overcome and abolish the now-illegitimate Westminster, Brussels & Jewish backed state that is allowing in these immigrants is, momentum. The will exists in our people to relaim our English nation.

Returning to the core subject of this article: The aformentioned artificial ‘migration crisis’ which is a result of the lobbying effort of demographic subversion is also being driven forth by cultural subversives from numerous Jewish-Subversive journalists, to state funded entities such as the BBC to the Pope of all Catholicism who articulated a genocidal conception of how each European Christian group should take in an entire family of immigrants (each) to wreak havoc on their own nations, in order to act coherently according to their faith. This combined political-racial media, cultural, Judeo-Christian and overtly Jewish-Subversive demographic defilement campaign (and that is what it is) has one goal, increase immigration and it intends to do it by over time changing the narrative of immigration from one where upwards of 70% of all populations of each European state oppose immigration, especially in the UK (89-94% of people oppose immigration, excluding immigrants in the polling, it would be 99.9%), to one where the political-class are forced to ignore this indigenous public opinion and instead be entirely, 100% beholden and subservient to the media opinion alone

This campaign is an affront to the democratic process, a violation of every voter’s rights and is demonstrating the corrupt and anti-democratic nature of our occupied governments in that they are acting, with unusual ferocity in direct opposition to our national genetic interests and democratic public opinions (which tend to correlate with national interests with all normal people, if only they were shown the courage to articulate their views to their logical conclusions).

The ‘Refugee Crisis’ media campaign itself is enacting a subversive effect, without the Jewish-Supremacist Israeli sponsoring of terrorism in Syria and the overwhelmingly Judeo-Christian dominated media coverage, the so called ‘immigration crisis’ would simply not exist to the extent which it does, indicating It is truly artificial, any logical observer can realise this.

All those media entities from the New York Times, to the BBC, Guardian, Independent, NBC, CNN and a thousand others are not simply reporting, they are attempting to manipulate public opinion with a constant barrage of sickening propaganda that has stooped to the level of using pictures of dead children’s bodies as political weapons, the bodies of the same immigrants they proclaim to support (for racially subversive motivations).

The media coverage is ultimately an anti-democratic attempt to manipulate public opinion (you cannot have a functioning democracy with a politicised mass-media), so as to make the public passive to immigration, against their actual genetic interests and to create a radical appearance of such, especially through biased follow up polls. This in turn is being used to attempt to make the government level political lobbying easier, in enacting anti-democratic manipulations and u-turns in numerous European government’s immigration policies and approaches.

This campaign, which you will see all over the internet, TV and Radio news outlets has nothing to do with an appreciation for humanitarian issues, or for Syrians whatsoever, for if they were concerned about them, all the media’s hostility would be aimed at the Israeli terrorism cause in destabilising its geo-political rival: Syria and dozens of countries beyond Israel’s immediate deliberately expanding border.

This media campaign, that we should never forget, is dominated, literally led by Jewish-Supremacist journalists, media company owners and Judeo-Christian cultural figures at every level is a devotedly racially subversive immigration agenda. This campaign is funded, and promoted by Jewish-Subversives and Jewish-Supremacists in the international media alongside Israeli subversion efforts designed to increase immigration of non-whites out of the surrounding Middle East and North Africa and into the EU, all talk of the real cause of this crisis is suffocated and suppressed, with media groups taking advantage of the EU’s already subversive-infested lobbying industry and media-government sub-culture (such as the ‘Westminster bubble’) to make sure that this campaign has no relation to the truth but is dictated by an entirely artificial, racially motivated, Jewish-Supremacist driven demographic and geo-political perspective and narrative, hiding behind the veil of a humanitarian issue.

It has been entirely created by Subversive Jewish Israeli pressure in destabilizing Islamic countries through the use of Israel’s ISIS terror group, to achieve exactly the results it has. The best way to fight ISIS therefore is to do exactly what I am doing through this article: to expose it as what it is: an Israeli controlled front, which like those which preceded it, is designed with the intention of undermining Syria, the only significant and militarily strong allie of Iran that borders the Jewish-Supremacist state (and is currently de-facto in a state of war with it, especially in terms of the Golan Heights border conflict) in the Middle-East, which should make Islamist types realise ISIS, in fighting the 2nd best Middle or Far-Eastern opponent to Israel is not a genuine cause and only serves Jewish Supremacist interests, thus they should not support it, but should support Hammas, Hezbollah and Iran as genuine Islamic states instead.

It is on record that one of the primary reasons for the creation of ISIS was to attempt to achieve a hegemony over the Middle-Eastern Islamic revolutionary groups that opposed Israel. Wesley Clark, the Jewish-Subversive NATO ex-general openly stated this fact in this live television interview, much to his now post-statement regret.

The Palestinian Authority in its paper Al-Hayat Al-Jadida has over 5 times stated that ISIS is an Israeli co-ordinated group that has only served to undermine Israel’s enemies. Although Jewish infiltrators within Palestinian politics have tried to deflect this realisation and blame it all on the spectre of the “Americans”, most Palestinians are becoming increasingly aware that just like Al-Nusra, ISIS is just another Jewish created terror group.

No doubt ISIS will probably end up killing Palestinians in the near future, although the ISIS command overseers in the IDF do this already, it would provide Israel with a convenient cover, as they are already doing throughout the wider Middle East to kill huge numbers of the regions well-motivated military age population and soon also in Europe, potentially even in the UK Israel will use ISIS in order to attempt to stoke a UK military response against the spectre of ISIS in some obscure region of an Islamic country that just so happens to be the geo-political enemy of Israel (i.e: Syria within the next few years or Iran in 10-20 years time).

Even a Dutch-Muslim (Turkish immigrant) government Project Leader who is employed no less than by the Dutch National Cyber Security Center: Yasmina Haifi corroborated and reinforced an aspect of this truth when she stated that:

“ISIS has nothing to do with Islam. It’s a preconceived Zionist plan, who want to deliberately make Islam look bad.”

-Former Project Leader within the Dutch National Cyber Security center

One should also add the effects go far beyond this as already stated, such as increasing immigration and using the negative image of ISIS to induce an illogical attack by Western Nations against essentially the military aged population of numerous Islamic populations in the Middle East and across Africa, in order to eliminate the bulk of the opponents Israel would wants dead in order to be able to expand its borders within the next few decades into Syria especially.

This plan can be visible evidenced already as indicated by the fluid non-defined, occupied border area of the Golan Heights. The rightful owners of which: the Syrian people and the Assad government, are being subject to a genocidal guerilla war on a daily basis by Israel’s ISIS terror group, which like other Jewish co-ordinated groups, serves only to defile the image of the cause it proclaims to represent (in relation to Islam as a whole) this defilement tactic used by Jewish-Supremacists is well documented and has a clear precedent of being used to influence Western popular opinion against said group’s proclaimed or associated ideologies, not just the group in itself and it is not limited to Islamic terrorist groups but is used to defile and isolate the image of European nationalists.

It is evident that ISIS has not helped the Palestinians and in-fact is killing only Muslims and has attempted to kill all non-Semitic groups such as the Yazidis (a tribe with an unusually high proportion of blonde genes, due to its particular descent) in Iraq. This is the same kind of ethnic cleansing Jewish-Supremacists would love to conduct openly within Europe, against our people, if only they could get away with it, which is what they are doing indirectly through the use of mass immigration and immigrant crime and murders, which have totalled into the hundreds of thousands of Europeans murdered by non-Europeans since 1945.

The Jewish objective and role in undermining European homogeneity has been openly admitted by several Jewish demographic-defilement groups and figures from Barbara Spectre to Barbara Roche, former Immigration and Asylum Minister under Tony Blair and numerous other identical groups and figures all over the EU, which are right now at the forefront of attempting to lobby EU states into taking in more immigrants using the façade of the media narrative of a Syrian refugee crisis.

As with the Israeli opposition to South Africa and the Jewish-Supremacist encouragement of the genocide against the Boers, the Jewish-Supremacist hypocrisy is self evident, where Israel rejects immigrants, and its political leaders openly state that refugee crisis is a European issue, even when its cause is 90% Jewish/Israeli, considerably through the corruption of US foreign policy. As stated by a veteran journalist was as a result of the lobbying of “Jewish Neocons”. As with Nelson Mandela and the once classed as a terrorist organisation turned political front known as the ANC, ISIS also has had several key leaders and numerous personnel trained directly by Israeli Mossad foreign operatives and infiltrators. Due to the close appearance of the majority of Middle Eastern Jews and Arabs it has been extremely easy for Israel to literally place Jewish Infiltrators throughout the Middle Eastern Islamic groups without such an effort being easily visible to the individual Arab or Semitic Muslim ISIS recruits who are the cannon-fodder of ISIS and the population group that Israel wants to attrition as a part of its planned long term geo-political border expansions.

Thus their co-ordination of ISIS goes unchallenged, in addition to this; all internal dissent within ISIS results in the Jewish leaders of ISIS ordering the tactical-elimination of any rivals from taking ISIS in a direction against Jewish interests at a leadership level, or feeding the location of those genuine Islamic terrorists to NATO aerial task-forces for elimination. Jewish Israeli and Jewish US foreign policy actions before the current leadership of ISIS, eliminated 80% of ISIS’s leadership, it was paradoxically only after this loss of key elements that ISIS became prominent, when in the void left by countless tactical elimination attempts on all prior leaders, ISIS was primed for total infiltration by Israeli sponsored and Israeli trained long term Jewish infiltrators, that tactically integrated into ISIS in order to control it.

ISIS leader Sheikh Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi is alleged to have been trained by Israel’s Mossad, this is supposedly backed up by files that were leaked in bulk by Edward Snowden. Although the Jewish infiltration of the Wikileaks editorial team means some documents although leaked out of government files are never on the front page or easily accessible archives within Wikileaks, or redacted entirely. What Wikileaks redacts is also significant in slowing down the best exposes of Israel. Wikileaks due to Jewish infiltration is becoming as bad as the Guardian, New York Times and Der Spiegel, in their redactions when they worked with Wikileaks to publish the details of previous leaked files on the ‘war on terror’.

Just take a look and see how difficult it is to find specific documents in Wikileak’s file search system, resulting in Wikileak’s accessibility being limited for the overall public, you actively have to dig through hundreds of document contents to find the actually important quotes that are not just mundane generic security reports. Note also Wikileak’s main sources of files have come from the US, no Israel hacks have occurred yet, or at least if they did they were not publicised by Wikileaks and it is well known that Israel, as during the period up to 9/11 refuses to disclose vital, national-security threatening intelligence with the US. Israel has we should not forget attacked the United States through such false-flag operations at numerous points in history since 1947.

Besides this disputed situation, there is substantial undeniable motivational-interest based evidence and overwhelming evidence in hindsight from past and current examples alike as to why Israel would seek to create a terrorist organisation to undermine its enemies in the Middle East and in Europe through increased mass-immigration that goes far beyond speculation and is corroborated by statements made by Jewish-Neo Conservatives, for example the infamous Jewish ex-Nato general Wesley Clark (shows you the true nature of NATO that they employ Jewish-Subversives) and Jewish Israeli government officials.

Israel and Jewish-Semites are the only racial/ethnic group on the planet who have gained as a direct result of ISIS, everyone else has suffered, some tribal groups have faced near extinction as a result of ISIS, Europe has faced an intensified surge in immigration, in addition to the façade of the current refugee crisis being used to justify a de-facto open-border immigration policy to further attack our integrity as European nations, in addition to the possibility of stoking an armed civil war using immigrants against us Europeans.

The only indication of ISIS becoming a legitimate Islamic group would be through a sustained attack on Israel, that this has not occurred indicates conclusively it is compromised. The arguments pushed by Jewish damage-control infiltrators, often pushed in the lowly comments sections of media articles and even on alternate media or nationalistic websites, that ISIS is not attacking Israel only because they don’t want an aerial retaliation against them from Israel, is utterly false, as ISIS has already been facing accumulatively thousands, possibly tens of thousands of individual air-strike missions from drones and dedicated fighter bomber aircraft from EU states with multiple 1000lb anti ground payloads launched upon ISIS targets by aircraft from numerous Western Nations, in addition to the illegal use of the SAS and numerous other nation’s special forces. Israel is using its military only and exclusively to violate Syria, Palestine and Lebanon, committing routine acts of war against Syria, with Syria not retaliating as to not give Israel a media-applicable excuse to invade Syria and kill millions, beyond the already occupied genocide-site of the Golan Heights.

Israel has not attacked ISIS, during the formation (renaming and consolidation of numerous Jewish Israeli terrorist infiltration groups into one singular entity) period of ISIS, Israel was not fighting ISIS evidently, but bombarding Palestine. Whilst violating hundreds of UN orders. In addition to the ongoing Mossad murder-spree all over the Middle East, far easy and North Africa, directly and through proxies such as ISIS, with alleged false-flag terrorist operations being planned in European nations within the next few years on an unprecedented level.

The attempted genocide of the Yazidis shows just how Semitic ISIS is, why would a Muslim group (remember Islam is universal unlike Judaism) seek to kill an Islamic tribe? The answer is that ISIS is not motivated by Islamic fundamentalism, it uses such to steal support from the ‘genuine’ Islamic resistance movements against Israel and other pre-existing militant groups, whilst simultaneously using said recruits in order to fight in-effect for Israel, that is for Jewish geo-political and racial interests in the Middle East, effectively becoming Israel’s mercenary force by proxy. ISIS is motivated by Jewish racial hatred towards non-Jews, if only the average ISIS recruit knew this, ISIS would lose 95-99% of its supporters from among war-torn Middle Eastern and Far Eastern countries overnight. Obviously ISIS prevents any such discussion, any attempts by Arabs or other Muslim tribes to take over ISIS at a leadership level is met with instant death. ISIS kills those who oppose its leadership, whilst allowing its gullible Islamic recruits to be bombed by American drones or EU state’s fighter bombers. Our treasonous occupied government in Westminster has expended hundreds of millions of pounds on HE anti-ground missiles against these said recruits, whilst systematically failing to target the leadership of ISIS. The same is true of all known US drone strikes so far.

This is also why our governments have been prevented from killing the leaders of ISIS, partly because their handlers and safe-houses are within Israel and Israeli Mossad Safe-houses across the Middle East and because Israel uses disinformation against European military efforts, directing any intervening drone strikes against the domestic opponents of ISIS and not the ISIS leadership itself, as is self-evident from the fact that the leadership of ISIS remains intact.

It is the same fundamental tactic of taking over opposition movements from within that underpins Jewish Subversive political and racial warfare not only in the Middle East, by taking over regimes and terrorist groups but also in European nations, through funding and promoting fake opposition groups such as the fake-right in Ukraine, which then received support from the false flag defilement groups in the UK and internationally. The same is true of the PEGIDA movement in Germany, where a movement was already in existence against mass immigration (expressed through the relatively politically correct opposition to ‘Islamic immigration’) which was then hijacked overtly by a figure, who is an ex-Israeli Jew, and makes an issue about his Jewishness in why Germany should oppose only Islam (but not the actual migrants, leading to an inevitable designed collapse of that movement thenceforth under the Jewish political misdirection) how obvious can it really get? If anyone reading this, who was previously unfamiliar with these facts cannot put the picture together from the facts presented here, then you are suffering from cognitive dissonance and are just refusing to see the obvious truth.

The media campaign, and yes it is not just journalists reporting on a subject it is a definite and distinct media and cultural political campaign led by primarily Jewish journalists and self-appointed ‘figureheads’ to lobby EU states into accepting more immigrants, not only from Syria, but all of the African immigrants that have built up in Coastal Italy and in Calais by extension.

The narrative is clearly about racial subversion, it has nothing to do with humanitarian issues, if it was, the media campaign would be against Israel from directly causing the ‘humanitarian crisis’. There have started to appear articles, primarily by again, Jewish Supremacist and Jewish Subversive tribally-appointed journalists, in artificially promoted and advertised media corporations, articles expounding benefits of immigrants, with the hubris of stating they are economically, or worse intellectually beneficial, which goes against all empirical evidence, that shows conclusively that immigrants have a parasitic economic effect.

But hang on a second was not this supposed ‘immigration crisis’ supposed to be purely about humanitarian issues? That is the overriding media campaign narrative is it not? Then why are there literally hundreds of articles appearing (as I write more will appear, just search for them, but dont go to their websites it only gives them more money) on the subject of the (completely false and opposite-of-the-truth) benefits of immigrants. It has gotten to the extent where some subversive journalists are attempting to even ludicrously state that immigrants are racially superior (equated through sick generalisations given repetition by the Independent that: Steve Jobs parents were Syrian migrants and somehow that means all Syrian refugees must be better than you, so feel sorry for them and let them invade your country) as a reason as to why to let them in, when this is clearly not only racist hypocrisy on the part of these journalists who even imply such but is the opposite of the truth.

There is a subversive and quite frankly utterly pathetic emotive campaign (for example using a drowned Syrian child’s body as political capital) under-way via the Jewish-Supremacist dominated media and cultural celebrity sub-class to lobby EU governments into racially subverting their own demographics through taking in huge quantities of immigrants that go far beyond the stated media amounts (e.g: 20,000 Syrian refugees given asylum in the UK). This is due to illegal immigration surging in addition to the illegal, anti-democratic actions of our government in going against our opinions and interests by letting in bulk quantities of immigrants.

This further exacerbates the inevitability that our traitorous governments will then initiate a accelerated domino effect (for there is already a domino effect of migration already occurring, by the hundreds of thousands over the EU as a whole) of letting in continuously larger and larger numbers of immigrants after each concession to the Jewish Subversive media campaign to open the borders of European and only European nations.

Compare this to the fact that the Jewish proclaimed state, otherwise known as the terrorist-sponsoring rogue nation of Israel (in violation of hundreds of UN treaties, orders and the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty) is taking in 0 refugees from the conflicts it is directly creating. This shows conclusively the Jewish-Supremacist racial hypocrisy and double standards that is motivating this artificially created demographic warfare against European nations. Israel is causing a colossal demographic migration, through the use of the spectre of ISIS and Israel’s intrinsic destabilizing existential effect on the Middle East and North Africa in order to send hundreds of thousands of non-European migrants headed towards Europe. This is two fold, it reduces the strength of Israel’s second most significant geo-political enemy: Islamic and non-Israeli compliant nations close to Israel and works towards creating a human tidal wave with the capability of further racially subverting and undermining Israel’s no.1 enemy (from their perspective) internationally which is European mankind.

“Israel… lacks demographic and geographic depth. Therefore, we must control our borders”

-The statement of te racially hypocritically Israeli Prime Minister’s office to international media.

In rejection to calls to accept even a single refugee, whilst European nations are being forced by the overwhelmingly Jewish dominated media to take in collectively hundreds of thousands of immigrants (millions by the end of the year) an Israeli minister stated that:

“We are not a European country.” – The Israeli Transport Minister Israel Katz stated openly with racist hubris

In a statement that proves that all of Israeli politics is racially Supremacist, the representative of the center party of Israel stated of the Syrian refugee crisis that:

“[The immigration burden] it is a European issue and there’s no reason for us to be part of it,”

-Yair Lapid head of the Yesh Atid party (the supposed political moderate or center party)

Even the LA Times reported that:

“For many Israeli Jews, even the smallest number of additional non-Jews is a potential threat, and the Syrian refugee crisis and the debate about Israel’s role has reawakened the country’s most deep-seated fear — that of losing the Jewish majority and subsequently the character of the Jewish state”

Whilst fully knowing that this is the effect of mass immigration just about every Jewish-Supremacist journalist, political figure and cultural figure is becoming psychotically fanatical in an attempt to soften the resolve of European governments to even attempt to stop hundreds of thousands of immigrants from illegally entering our countries, thus undemocratically forcing governments to intentionally fail to uphold even their own election pledges on immigration, severely subverting, at an accelerating pace, our national ethnic interests as Europeans in our own homelands in addition to all concepts of electoral democracy being based on contractual agreements with the electorate as to the governments agenda and purpose.

All Jewish-Supremacist occupied European governments that allow in non-European immigrants have no legitimacy to claim that they represent those European peoples, especially not their interests, over whom they violate and assert that they are the governments thereof!

This is the racist double standard, that every Jewish-Subversive journalist is fully consciously aware is the effect of mass immigration, thus their intentions are clearly motivated by racial hatred and genocidal malice towards European’s on a racial level.

From the Israeli perspective every other nation on earth is a competitor, it is well established also that necessarily that this is the perspective of Jewish Subversives and Jewish-Supremacists alike in their manipulations of European immigration policies and the creation of the crisis that is resulting in the surge in immigration, which in itself is merely a means to the end which is an increased demographic war against European mankind.

Meanwhile the official leader and representative of Christianity the Pope has openly called for more immigrants to be accepted, exposing the subversive nature of all Christianity in its basic underlying teachings, and thus therefore in all those who subversively promote it, especially those who proclaim to be nationalistic, who display utter hypocrisy and inconsistency.

“The Gospel calls us to be close to the smallest, and to those who have been abandoned,”

-The Pope as the globally most recognised representative of all Christianity and its aims.

The Pope then articulated a subversive plan of genocide, that if enacted would result in the demographic ruination of all of Europe, a plan not since articulated since that Jewish Subversive author who said that all Europeans should be forced to co-habit with non-Europeans:

“May every parish, every religious community, every monastery, every sanctuary of Europe, take in one family,”

-The Pope, transcript read via the Vatican Radio.

It is important to note the close personal and political allegiances between the Pope and the Jewish Subversives who support Christianity to this day, for this precise reason: that its teachings literally enact passivity and racial surrender, and in those who interpret it as anything else, all it results in is motivational lethargy, de-motivation and ideological/spiritual confusion and corruption.

It is throughout Europe that many of the ‘Christian Democratic’ parties are calling for more immigrants to be allowed in, alongside and led by the Jewish Subversive media and political class who are at the fanatical fore-front of this subversive campaign.

There is no real humanitarian crisis in the Middle East without Israel’s instigation. It is entirely artificially generated, what crisis does exist, as a direct result of Israeli manipulation, is then used and exacerbated by Jewish International immigration assistance groups and then the generic, aforementioned Jewish-Subversive undermining of all European nation’s borders and immigration polices, to extents whereby it is revealed that there is no coherent policy of immigration control within the EU.

After all that is what the likes of Coudenhove-Kalergi designed the EU to be like, as Peter Sutherland, the Irish-Jewish chairman of the UN forum on Global Migration stated. Reinforcing this, the illegitimate president of the EU, Jean-Claude Junker has issued a proposal to bribe EU states into accepting immigrants, the €6000 the European Commission is offering for each immigrant a country accepts is a horrific façade, for each of those immigrants will enact at least €460,000 worth (according to Norwegian estimations) of accumulatively negative costs through benefits, health care, housing, state infrastructure and costs incurred from their criminality and high birth rates and demographic displacement.

Thus showing the necessity of opposing our government and the internationalist government occupying Brussels and Strasbourg, issuing illegitimate, subversive dictates over all European nations, as with the illegitimate anti-democratic corruption and betrayal of Westminster alike.

In the end it will fall to each and every European to defend our nations, as it falls to each and every true English Asatro individual to re-kindle in our people that willpower to defend our nation.

Dover is the point of focus of this invasion. Dover ferry port, Heathrow airport and the Channel Tunnel exit. For Europeans the point of invasion and thus the necessary point of resistance is the Italian, Spanish and Greek coastlines and furthest islands.

All genuinely folkish European folk must engage in active national political action to defend our nations. The most important of these actions is distributing this truth in a format with enough informative and inspirational strength to motivate the rest of our people. Only through an informed European population can we prevent the pacification of public opinion to immigration that is the current end of the vile Judeo-Christian ‘refugee crisis’ media campaign.

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The awakening of our people depends on your actions.