“The Hybrid War Against Iran”: from Asia Times

July 16, 2019 in News by RBN Staff

Source: WHTT

Sorry to report this, but This publication has our administration in the White House figured…clearly angling to force Iran into a counterattack against the USA, probably leading to another annihilation. The US goal continues to be war with Iran.  We know the reason, it all about oil, of which the Middle East has the most and the cheapest.  The US sanction against Iran and others is pure business for its big oil friends. US sanctions are an economic act of war…an attempt to goad Iran into a first strike where US agents and military would die, justifying full scale attack in Iran, a country a fraction of USA size and power.   Its time to demand peace!-Editor CEC

The hybrid war against Iran

US President Donald Trump sat in the White House and contemplated a war against Iran. His military had been sending surveillance aircraft along the Iranian coastline, teasing Iranian radar, which tracked these manned and unmanned planes as they skirted the 12-nautical-mile limit of Iranian sovereignty. Last week, the United States had two planes alongside Iran’s coast, an unmanned Global Hawk drone and a manned P-8 spy plane.Iranian air command radioed the US forces to say that both the drone and the spy plane had come inside Iranian territory. The P-8 shifted course to leave Iranian airspace, while the Global Hawk continued. Iranian officials say that it was because the Global Hawk remained in Iranian airspace that it was shot down at 4am last Thursday.

Full story from Asia Times, and we believe it!

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