The Liar Christine Ford

October 9, 2018 in News by RBN Staff


Source: Christian Mercenary

The forces of darkness and hate have receded just a bit from their full-throated screaming fits surrounding the Kavanaugh confirmation. Their bullying tactics of doxing of Senators and threats of constant harassment of individuals did not yield the outcome they sought. These are the acts of communists determined to destroy the political machinery of the republic.

It is a mistake to believe that the protesters were in the halls of Congress out of some sense of injustice. Communists do not function that way. Communists are proactive, they design (and in many cases, including this one, PAY for) the protest before they have a cause, because it is not an action that communists protest, it is the very functioning of the republic. Their goal is to have ONLY their side heard in any debate and to drive their enemies out of the public square.

The Kavanaugh confirmation merely illuminated their tactics, it was not the cause of it. Anyone who would have been nominated for that supreme court seat would have been met with some variable of the tactics that played out against Kavanaugh. Hidden behind the seeming spontaneous protests, the seeming surprise allegations of sexual impropriety, the seeming shock of the media, the seeming outrage of the senators is one enormous hand, the hand of communism.

As Mike Vanderboegh (the former communist) once pointed out in the film Lies of Omission: “Communists define peace as the silence of their enemies, through fear, imprisonment or death.”

With this in mind, it is easy to see that the intention of the Kavanaugh confirmation was to put fear in the hearts of every subsequent Supreme Court nomination, to drive conservatives away from the bench. By targeting Kavanaugh, they planted the understanding that no matter how well-behaved a person might have been, how well they documented their past, how well they had conducted themselves in their profession, the communists would dig up some person in their past to throw doubt on their character knowing, cynically, that the Republicans will dump anyone of less than sterling character. This is a weakness only of the Republicans, the Democrats have never and will never give up on a candidate, an appointment, or a justice due to immorality, crimes or outright treason, because they are determined to win.

No matter what anyone does now, Kavanaugh will always been remembered for having some sexual impropriety in his past, even by those who believed him and supported him, there is that stain. The fact that it was the most improbable of sins, that is the hallmark of the communist. Find the thing that would most embarrass the target; the thing most contradictory to the target’s nature that would most likely drive them out of the public eye and make that allegation stick. Since they are counting on the lie to begin with, they can choose the weakness of the target rather than exploit some random truth.

All the communists need to make any outrageous allegation stick is one liar. All they need is one true believer in some social cause that is greater than their integrity and since most communists have very little integrity as a prerequisite to being a communist, such liars are easy to find. Drag a hundred dollar bill through any planned parenthood clinic and you will have access to more liars than you can handle.

Republicans (those who believe in the rule of law instituted by the republic) always lose in this game of competing with liars. Telling the truth will never be as powerful as telling a compelling lie. This was revealed in the testimony of Peter Strzok, where he lied continually before Congress, never giving up the lie and did so with full confidence that he would never be held accountable, that the communists in the Congress would protect him.

Unless conservatives want to encourage the sort of behavior demonstrated in the Kavanaugh confirmation hearing, they must begin to hold people accountable. Deep in the psyche of the republican is the desire to be honest, fair and reasonable. It stems from their religious convictions and it is a mistake, but after all of the dirty tricks that have been played on them, after all of the lies intended to destroy their lives, they cling to this sense of fair play.

But, they can start with the liar Christine Ford. She was no ordinary wallflower, no simple victim, she created her victimization, invented her abuse. In the process, she diminished the true abuse of other women. She was a traitor to her gender, allowing her make-believe assault for political purposes cast shadows of doubt on all other true victims, raising the bar of believability for all others that come after her. This is what she did, fully understanding that the communists on the Senate Judiciary Committee would cover her lies and protect her from a true investigation of her story. Christine Ford was a weapon against Donald Trump, a weapon against republican principles, a weapon against those who would stand to pursue conservatism.

If there were any who deserve protests from feminists, it should be the communists, who used Christine Ford as a weapon. They used her “true believer” status to throw her life up on the big stage and open her up to the discovery of her lies for their own purposes, which was to keep the Supreme Court seat open for a hoped-for Democrat Communist candidate in 2020. That’s it, no other reason.

But, there will never be any such protests. The protesters don’t care about what was done to Christine Ford by the communists or by Kavanaugh. They don’t care about Christine Ford at all. The protesters, funded by George Soros, were there to humiliate and defame the Republican senators on the committee and the full senate. Force is all the protesters understand, because force is all the communists can imagine. It is all disguised as a protest, with the best actors reserved for the weakest Republican senators. The only thing real about the protests or Christine Ford is the devotion the communists have to the destruction of the republic. From the inside, the outside, through the press, through judicial activism, through anything.