Sanders’ Scary History of Socialist Praise

  By John Stossel Bernie Sanders may be our next President! He leads in the betting for the Democratic nomination.   But some of his ideas are frightening. Senator Sanders now
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The Triumph of Provocation in Hong Kong

  Source: Jeff Nyquist The principle communist method of manipulating political events is called “provocation.” It is a method that makes use of “agent provocateurs” who infiltrate noncommunist or anticommunist
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The Liar Christine Ford

  Source: Christian Mercenary The forces of darkness and hate have receded just a bit from their full-throated screaming fits surrounding the Kavanaugh confirmation. Their bullying tactics of doxing of
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In Undercover Video, Auditor for US Accountability Office Brags about Communists in the Federal Government

  Source: Need To Know | James O’Keefe   Natarajan Subramanian is an auditor for the Government Accountability Office and a member the Democratic Socialists of America. He manages social media for
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The untold truth about Obama’s former CIA director, John Brennan

  via: Lew Rockwell Why does John Brennan need a security clearance other than to commercially exploit it? By Richard Galustian The Duran Let’s get something clear from the start.
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Rand Paul on Commie Whack Job John Brennan and Meeting Gorbachev in Russia

  Source: Lew Rockwell | By Dale Steinreich   On leading the effort to pull Brennan’s security clearance and meeting with 87-year-old Mikhail Gorbachev in Russia.  From The Ingraham Angle (August 16, 2018).  

Bayer won’t be ‘bettered’ by the influence of Monsanto?!

Bayer-Monsanto merger can’t erase Nazi chemists’ past Source: People’s World   With news of Bayer’s merger with Monsanto, our correspondent in Berlin explores Bayer’s troubled past and its links with the
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YouTube’s New ADL Thought Police Punish Conservatives While Giving The Far-Left A Pass

via: Zero Hedge | By ZeroPointNow YouTube recently teamed up with the ultra-liberal Anti Defamation League (ADL) for their ‘Trusted Flaggers Program’ to determine what people should and shouldn’t be allowed to
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Nancy Pelosi says Congress has Moral Authority to Act on Gun Control but Not on Illegal Immigration!

“One day, gun grabbers may illegally, unconstitutionally and, I might add, immorally pass legislation (again) to go after guns and gun owners, but those of us who understand the right
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German Television Exposes Holocaust Lies: Historic Broadcast Shocks Germany

“Ms Haverbeck was ethnically cleansed from her home at the end of the war along with millions of other Germans and has been victimised ever since by the Jews who
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