The Wall Street Skew of the Saudi/Irani Rift

January 7, 2016 in News by RBN Staff

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Bloomberg News: “The rivalry dates back to Iran’s Islamic Revolution in 1979. Ayatollah Ruhollah Khomeini accused Saudi rulers of corruption and argued that the holy sites of Mecca and Medina in Saudi Arabia shouldn’t be under a single country’s guardianship. Saudi Arabia then backed Iraq in its eight-year war with Iran.”  (“Saudi Feud With Iran Risks Fueling Unrest Across Middle East“)

Editor CEC responds:  I hope readers have noticed that mainline media has suddenly legitimized Saudi Arabia’s mass pubic beheadings by calling the ritual murders of 47 political dissidents “executions”.  The latter is not a friendly word, but most countries do it; don’t we?  In the past the media has correctly referred to these public acts as “beheadings”.  After a public display, the Saudis usually dump the bodies in unmarked graves to further insult the families.


The mainline media has now acted on cue en masse, signaling a shift of US led, war-making, regime changing policy.  Seemingly without being told that the word “beheading” is no longer to be applied to Saudi Arabia, only to ISIS.  Religious beheadings connect the two at the hip.  On January 3, Wikipedia reported: “Al-Nimr was executed on or shortly before 2 January 2016, along with 46 others. The Saudi government said the body would not be handed over to the family” and were said to be buried secretly. In 2015, the number of beheadings reached a two decade high of “at least” 157, and “47 were executed on 2 January 2016.”  But Saudi announcements have omit any  mention of how the 47 died, simply “executed.”

The regime change propagandists are very much aware that the alternate media on the internet has caught on to the non-coincidence that only ISIS and Saudi Arabia publicly behead their enemies in order to terrorize those not yet accused of crimes against the state.  Please read the Bloomberg story critically, then consider this:  Saudi Arabia had deliberately provoked and insulted its bigger but less well-armed neighbor by violently murdering Islamic leaders, and then declaring de facto war on Iran after public (not governmental) protest damaged the Saudi Embassy.  Thus the Saudis are furthering the US undeclared proxy war against Iran.

The US Unelected Supra Government (USUSG) coaches and finances regime change in Syria, which is run by its Saudi’s proxy, ISIS.  The latest of many clues is that the mainline media, including Bloomberg News, is trying to legitimize another brutal act of Saudi ritual terror, “beheaded” by changing that word to “executed”.  ISIS and Saudi Arabia both behead their victims, religiously they are one and the same.  President Assad of Syria tried to tell the American public this on the Charlie Rose show months ago.

Let’s get the team players straight, for they do not help us by putting on contrasting jerseys!  USUSG coaches the attack against independent Muslim oil-producing states (“regimes”) in Iraq, Iran, Syria, Lebanon, Afghanistan, Sudan.  Its power players are Saudi Arabia, a very quiet Israel, and the recent sell-out opportunist governments of Turkey and Egypt.  The UK is its bench, and the European Union is in the stands, cheering now and then, and just trying to survive.

Opposing the regime change juggernaut are the victim states and Russia. They all have lots of oil wealth but little in the way of firepower compared to team USA.  In their cheering section we find the quiet, business-minded Eastern bloc, led by China, and the frightened, undeveloped BRICS countries.  Their population and economic power is real, but they can not afford western style war.

The rest of the equation, the balance of power, is up to you the readers.  Will Americans ever rein in their own USUSG in the interest of preserving the lives of tens of millions in the Middle East and beyond?  Will we, in the process of saving them, reclaim our own system from US Unelected Supra Gov (USUSG) controlled, planned chaos?  WHTT.ORG has long held that the answer lies in churches, where America’s anesthetized political power meets to ingest benign melatonin, and peacefully slumber while the flames of the burning world lick at our economic doorstep…noticed, but ignored.  They are deceived by simple tricks of media manipulation, including “execution” instead of “beheading”.

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