White Supremacy Vs White Privilege Vs White Western Culture

May 15, 2023 in News by RBN Staff

source:  needtoknownews

By Frosty Wooldridge

May 15, 2023

Joe Biden was a renowned racist 50 years ago in that he didn’t want his children educated in an integrated racial jungle.  He repeatedly spoke out against bussing children to integrate schools.

In 1977, Biden said: “Unless we do something about this, my children are going to grow up in a jungle, the jungle being a racial jungle with tensions having built so high that it is going to explode at some point.” (Source:  www.brietbart.com)

In his latest speech, he called White Supremists the most dangerous terrorists in America.

There’s a big problem with that charge.   Most of the killings in “majority minority” cities like Chicago, St. Louis, New Orleans, Detroit, NYC, LA and beyond…show black-on-black crimes as the fastest way to get killed in America for African-Americans people.  In fact, black crime reduced Detroit, Michigan to car-jackings at stop lights, gang killings, mega-shoplifting, breaking & entering, schools with 80 percent flunkout and dropout rates, teachers fleeing classrooms, graffiti everywhere, burned out cars on streets, single women with 24 children via ADC payments, crooked Mayor Coleman Young…along with the loss of 1.2 million whites fleeing the city.  How do I know all of these facts?  I worked there for nearly 20 years.

Today, we’ve got New York Governor Hochul and NYC Mayor Adams pronouncing that the state and city are sanctuary sites for illegal aliens. But now that they have flooded into the city and state at over 61,000 illegal migrants, they want federal dollars to bail them out. Illegal migrants flood Denver, LA, San Francisco, Chicago, Atlanta and other sanctuary cities?  The question remains: how many millions more can America absorb?  How can we pay for them? How can we feed them? Where will we house them?

How do you spell “White Privilege…White Supremacy…White Culture?”  How does it perform?  What does it take to build a successful and peaceful society?

If you look at “Black Privilege…Black Supremacy…Black Culture,” how do you gage black success?  The fact remains:  black culture dominates Africa.  Would you point to Somalia, Congo, and/or Ethiopia as examples of successful black culture?  If they are successful, why are they all trying to reach America to escape their own misery, starvation and hopelessness in those countries?

Okay, African-Americans dominate Baltimore, Maryland. Its unemployment rolls explode off the charts. Single mothers’ kids on welfare dominate the schools.  Baltimore features 28 major schools where not one kid can perform math, science, reading or writing at grade level.  Why haven’t the African-American school boards,  principals, mayor, police chief, and other elected officials corrected the situation?

I followed T.  Chilton, Neo-Ciceronian Times, May 14, 2023 when he spoke about “Cargo Cult Mentality behind White Privilege.”

He said, “Many of us are familiar with the metaphor of the “cargo cult.” The term itself was coined by the famous physicist Richard Feynman…

“Briefly, the phenomenon of the cargo cult was observed in the South Pacific during World War II. Pacific Islanders would observe the Americans building runways and control towers… The islanders would build their own bamboo mockups… expecting that planes full of food and medicines would come to them as well…

“Ultimately, cargo cults rested on a form of magical thinking, on the failure to understand the fundamental reasons for why a phenomenon was taking place…

“In many ways, the current progressive obsession with “white privilege” is essentially the same kind of thinking…

“Yet, as western nations continue to import low-IQ third worlders, they will not be able to maintain the level of civilization that they have hithertofore achieved…

“An excellent example of this is found in the decolonialization of Africa and other parts of the third world. It showed that you can build the infrastructure of western material civilization and fill it with the spirit of western law and religion, but you can’t maintain it without Europeans or Anglos. When the westerners departed, the streets and sewers and airports were left, but the “mental infrastructure” needed to purvey these resources into genuine societal success were lacking…

“The progressive obsession with viewing human beings as blank slates – free of all interference from genetics or inherited culture – is a fundamentally flawed way of understanding humanity…

“Civic Nationalism is the very quintessence of the nominalism that underlies this cargo cult mentality: we’ll take a non-westerner, give him a piece of paper that says he’s a U.S. citizen, and pretend that he becomes one of us merely by naming him as such. Propositional citizenship (and by extension, nationhood) of this type is wishful thinking at its most destructive. It’s completely cargo cult….”

We’re facing a mega-problem in America if we continue to import third world people who cannot grasp or participate in First World Western Culture.  If they lack the intellectual ability to learn how to be a carpenter, bricklayer, electrician, plumber, home builder, doctor, teacher or any other job that requires minimal intellectual levels—-at some point our society will implode.

For example, we know that Joe Biden, in the throes of Alzheimer’s Disease, does not understand what he is doing to our country with his open borders mandate. Such people as Governor Kathy Hochul or Colorado Governor Jared Polis or Mayor Lori Lightfoot of Chicago or Mayor Mike Hancock of Denver or Mayor Adams of NYC—all of them remain oblivious to the fact that we have already exceeded our carrying capacity for migrants.  And, yet, they pitch the same old barf and crap about their humanity and “sanctuary cities” for every single illegal migrant.

But what happens when the 20 millionth or 30 millionth illegal migrant descends on their cities? What happens when we cannot feed, house or care for them?  What happens when we go broke?  What happens when our Western Culture degrades into third world culture?

Why hasn’t anyone asked these questions?  If we don’t answer them, none of us are going to like what’s coming…because what’s coming ain’t pretty.  I need to write a book: The Strange Death of America and How We Killed Our Country via Our Own Stupid Leaders.  Do you have a better title?