Why This Amendment to the Constitution MUST Be Repealed

May 15, 2023 in News by RBN Staff

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By: Devvy Kidd

May 15, 2023

James Madison wrote in The Federalist Papers #45: “The Senate will be elected absolutely and exclusively by the State legislatures.” (Madison was considered the ‘Father of the Constitution’ so there’s no misconstruing what he meant.

John Jay, co-author of The Federal Papers is quoted: “Jay then informed Governor Clinton that, unlike the Senate, where the two-thirds rule was in force for treaties and impeachment, the lower house had nothing to do with treaties; it represented the people whereas the Senate represented the states – for the Federalists always a significant distinction.”

The framers of the Constitution wisely understood the absolute necessity of ensuring We the People would have the right to vote for our representative in Congress, and at the same time because they all jealously guarded freedom and liberty, the states must also have equal representation. We the people would have the ability to remove via the ballot box, miscreants and scoundrels (US House), while state legislatures could recall their U.S. Senators who voted against the best interests of their state.

The Senate was supposed to be a sort of checks and balances, but that noble concept disappeared when U.S. Senators were then voted into office by special interests and mobs demanding more and more from the people’s treasury. The absolute right of the states to equal representation was wiped out when the Seventeenth Amendment was declared ratified on April 8, 1913.  It wasn’t. Secretary of State at the time, William Jennings Bryan, lied.

The required 36 states fell short at least two states which I proved when I sued the State of Texas to keep U.S. Senators off the ballot.  (California did not vote on either the Sixteenth or Seventeenth Amendments.)  I filed on Sept. 22, 2014.  Here is the filing.  A judge was brought out of retirement to hear my case in an empty court room while all the other court rooms were overflowing.

Judge Corrupt didn’t read one word of my filing, none of the evidence.  He simply dismissed my case in less than ten minutes with the comment that “no one cares about this because it was so long ago”.  Oh, fraud is okay because it happened so long ago?  Satisfied with himself, Judge Corrupt then asked the state what sanctions should be put on me (he considered my lawsuit frivolous) and damn near busted his suspenders at the state’s response.  (He was putting on a black robe as he entered the court room; the suspenders were to contain his basketball belly).

One of the two state attorneys I had been dealing with stood up and said, no sanctions your honor.  They knew I was right.  Gasp!  Judge Corrupt stomped out of the court room, no doubt his 10-course lunch ruined.

I filed an appeal.  The court ’s decision was nothing more than a white wash.  More than 300 documents from the Library of Congress correctly stamped as court certified plus one disc of proof didn’t matter to them.  Didn’t bother with the Texas Supreme Court as they would have been just as cowardly as the appeals court.

A couple of things I found in my research that are important.  Back in 1913, not all states were in session; some were out of session four years at a time. Others took no action on the amendment – Georgia specifically based on an investigation ordered by their governor at the time that the Seventeenth Amendment was not legally adopted by Congress before it was even sent to the states.  There has been some controversy on that.

On April 11, 2002, the State of Alabama decided out of the clear blue to ratify the Seventeenth Amendment – 89 years after the alleged ratification. On July 1, 201097 years after the alleged ratification of that amendment, the State of Delaware ratified it. On April 1, 201299 years after the alleged ratification, the State of Maryland voted to ratify the Seventeenth Amendment. How interesting that nearly 100 years after the alleged ratification of the Seventeenth Amendment and after people like me have been pounding on this issue for close to two decades, three states just up and decided to vote on an old constitutional amendment.  They absolutely were two states short, so three states (insurance) vote on it almost 100 years later.  I rest my case.

It wouldn’t have made any difference because I also found this:

United States Supreme Court – DILLON v. GLOSS, 256 U.S. 368 (1921) 256 U.S. 368 DILLON v. GLOSS, Deputy Collector. No. 251. Argued March 22, 1921. Decided May 16, 1921.

“The provisions of the act which the petitioner was charged with violating and under which he was arrested (title 2, 3, 26) were by the terms of the act (title 3, 21) to be in force from and after the date when the Eighteenth Amendment should go into effect, and the latter by its own terms was to go into effect one year after being ratified. Its ratification, of which we take judicial notice, was consummated January 16, 1919. That the Secretary of State did not proclaim its ratification until January 29, 1919, is not material, for the date of its consummation, and not that on which it is proclaimed, controls.”

If the Seventeenth Amendment didn’t exist, neither Sen. John Fetterman or Sen. Diane Feinstein would still be in office; I have no doubt those legislatures would have gently removed them. They would then choose someone to replace each one.

Fetterman, another socialist bum[1], suffered a massive stroke in May 2022, which nearly killed him.  He should never have been on the ballot for senator as it was apparent to all but the brain dead and partisan media hacks, Fetterman was absolutely incapable of being able to function as a U.S. Senator.  Fetterman should have dropped out of the senate race then and concentrate on getting as well as possible.  To this day he is incapable of understanding what people tell him.  That is a fact.

It is inconceivable to me he won the election last November for several key reasons, but that’s why election fraud is so important to the Democrat/Communist Party USA.  Fetterman was sworn into office under an amendment that doesn’t exist on Jan. 3, 2023.  He checked himself into Walter Reed Hospital on February 15, 2023, for “severe depression”.  Discharged March 31, 2023.  He returned to DC on April 17, 2023, in his usual dressed to the nines con garb.

It’s quite obvious from video Fetterman should not be in Congress.  All the votes missed; PA had no senator for months.  Like power hungry, selfish Jill Biden, Fetterman’s wife grabbed the kids and went on vacation up in Canada while he’s in the hospital suffering from severe depression.  As a Christian, I wish him well but he won’t be until he gets home, gets continuing treatment and family support.

My brother is a double-stroke survivor (six years ago); he almost died before I could get to California as I hold his Medical Power of Attorney.  I moved him to my city in 2019.  Since he can’t drive, I take him to doctor appointments and do his shopping.  I know what it’s like to be around someone whose suffered a stroke.  With good nutrition, mild exercise, important rehab and speech therapy, cutting down the stress factor, stroke victims do very well; others like Fetterman will never fully recover their faculties as the neurological brain damage is too extensive and permanent.

Senator and career crook, Diane Feinstein [D], 89 years old, was hospitalized on March 2, 2023 allegedly for shingles.  She returned to her office in DC a sitting corpse.  Feinstein’s Altzheimer’s condition has been WELL known on Capitol Hill for YEARS [2] and still, she stumbled and bumbled around.  Three months after being hospitalized, Feinstein returned to her DC office and continues to miss votes, not that she has any idea what they are or mean.  Both of them received their full paychecks the whole time; $14,500 per month.  Feinstein and her husband have a net worth of $114 MILLION bux.

If the Seventeenth Amendment didn’t exist, their legislatures would choose a replacement. Right now, PA is a split state but likely their DemonRat governor, [D] would appoint another Marxist to replace Fetterman until an election.  Maniac California Governor Newsom [D] would also pick another Marxist to replace Feinstein.

As this relates to the massive hordes invading our border right now, look at this map.

Six states are split.  But, with 26 Republican governors and Republican control of their legislatures vs 24 states held by DemonRats, guess who would hold the majority in the U.S. Senate?  Right now, today, the Senate would be Republican controlled if it weren’t for the non-ratified Seventeenth Amendment.  They could override brain gone Biden’s veto for border security.

In 2022, nearly $1.3 BILLION dollars was spent on just five senate seats. (1/3rd of U.S. Senators are up for re-election every two years.)  Fetterman’s “race”:  $240 MILLION dollars was spent by outside groups who expect a return for their money.

Total cost of 2022 state and federal elections projected to exceed $16.7 billion, Nov. 3, 2023 – All that outside money buys power and corruption.  Those supporting the 17th amendment argued senators chosen by their state legislatures could be just as corrupt.  True, but it’s a lot easier to raise hell with your legislature and vote them out of office for making the wrong choice.  I’ve spent more than two decades on this issue. That obscene spending would all go away if the Seventeenth Amendment was repealed along with the disgusting, nasty ads and attacks.  The truth – that amendment was NOT legally ratified – will never reach the American people en masse, so the only alternative is to repeal it.

On May 11, 2023, the GOP controlled U.S. House passed H.R. 2, hailed as the “strongest immigration bill ever” knowing the Senate will not pass it; the illegitimate puppet in the WH says he’ll veto it.  No, it’s not the strongest bill ever.  H.R. 2, is a very good bill, no question.  You can read it here.  (SEC. 115 – Restrictions on Funding which includes NGO’s.)  I wrote about Reid’s bill back in 2006 and 2014.  STEIN: Harry Reid’s 1993 Immigration Reform Bill Is Blueprint For Immigration Reform In 2022, written Jan. 10, 2022.

Republicans say they’ve been working on this bill for months.  Okay.  Then why the hell isn’t H.R. 2 – Secure the Border Act of 2017 instead of 2023?  In 2017, Trump was president and Congress was GOP controlled.  The catastrophic nightmare going on right now on the border would never have happened if H.R. 2 had been signed into law by Trump along with Harry Reid’s bill.

What H.R. 2, 2023, DOESN’T cover is what I’ve been beating on since 2006:  Deceased Senator Dirty Harry Reid’s 1993 bill cuts off ALL welfare – the big magnet.  Read bill here. The bill information I sent to more than a dozen GOP senators (including Ted Cruz) and house members TWICE in 2017 with a copy to Trump and Stephen Miller, Trump’s chief senior adviser.  And I’ve kept on sending it to various critters since, never to receive a single response, not even from Rep. Chip Roy.  Stephen Miller, AFL, and Texas AG Ken Paxton File Emergency Legal Action to Shut Down Biden’s Plan to Open Border and Flood America with Millions of Illegals, May 10, 2023

While H.R. 2, 2023 is strong on border security, the issue of welfare for illegal aliens (NOT migrants) is ignored and that is unacceptable.  Rewarding illegals in this country and the hundreds of thousands now being “processed” or who have evaded entry points (lots of video on that the past couple of days) only invites more hordes.  Not to mention you and I and our children and grand children are forced to pay HUNDREDS OF MILLIONS OF DOLLARS A YEAR to feed, clothe, house, education, medical, lawyers, incarceration; the list is endless.


If you missed these, worth the time:

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Biden admin’s plan for mass release of migrants into US outlined in internal 2022 memo, May 10, 2023

Illegal Aliens Invasion: Texas GOP Legislators Selling Out America, May 10, 2023

Texas RINO GOP Speaker of the House killed the border security bill in the middle of the night, May 10, 2023.  Email alert from the Republican Party of Texas:  “Last night, Speaker Dade Phelan (R – Beaumont) killed the strongest border security measure of the legislative session. House Bill 20 would have created the Texas Border Protection Unit, a first-of-its-kind, state-based border unit that reports directly to Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

“The legislation would have allowed this new task force to be deployed along the border to “intercept, repel, and turn back” migrants who cross into Texas without legal authorization.  But instead, Speaker Phelan sided with the Democrats and killed the bill in the middle of the night.”

Why continue electing Republicans if they continue to screw us in Austin?  GOP controlled House & Senate, GOP Governor, GOP Lt. Gov., GOP Attorney General and look what’s happened, again.  Phelan is even worse than the former Speaker, yet he was reelected last year.  Are the voters in his district just plain stupid or just concentrating on their fancy phones, good times and pay no attention to what their choice for representative in our legislature is doing?

We MUST get the Seventeenth Amendment repealed.  I was very surprised when I read Trump hater, former RINO U.S. Senator Ben Sasse, who resigned effective Jan. 2023 to become president of the U of Florida came out with this:   Ben Sasse Calls for Repealing 17th Amendment, Eliminating Popular-Vote Senate Elections, Sept. 2020.  That’s all he did was talk.

This is the procedure (NO Art. V convention – it would finally kill the Constitution) to get a constitutional amendment started.  The Seventeenth Amendment was declared ratified April 8, 1913.  Efforts to destroy the intent of those who wrote the Constitution began back in the early 1800’s and by 1910, 31 state legislatures had foolishly sent resolutions to Congress in support of DESTROYING THEIR ONLY REPRESENTATION IN CONGRESS.

I know this country is being destroyed from within, but If people would just stop and think about this, they would understand why it’s so critical that amendment gets repealed.  We need one state to send a resolution to Congress.  Start the ball rolling.  We need to make this an issue on talk radio and within the Republican Party.  We need one member of the U.S. House and Senate to make the first move.

Can you imagine ANY red state legislature choosing cackling Kamala Ho Harris to be their U.S. Senator?  California voters made her a senator.  That woman is a walking poster board for ignorance, stupidity and dishing out gibberish every time she opens her mouth.

Why WOULDN’T any red state not want to repeal the Seventeenth Amendment which would give them back their rightful representation in Congress?  Since that amendment through fraud became a law, the states have been at the mercy of the mobs who vote in reprobates like Sen. Susan Collins [R], Lisa Murkowski [R], Dick Durbin [D], dumber than a box of bricks, Mazie Hirono [D] and the list goes on.  They vote for unconstitutional bills which affect me even though they don’t “represent” Texas.

They vote for destructive treaties and “free trade” agreements which do horrific harm to states and their citizens.  One way to stop so much of the tyrannical “laws” passed by Congress is nullification which I’ve written about before:  Nullification: Get to your state legislators now, July 21, 2014

Finally, in this session of our state legislature (who are in session 140 days, Jan – May and don’t come back until Jan. 2025) two bills which I covered on Jan. 23, 2023:  Two New State Nullification Bills – Will They Pass?  HB 384 Texas Sovereignty Act on the house side and SB 313 of the same title in the senate.  HB 384 has been sitting in committee since Feb. 23, 2023.

Why?  Because not enough Texans haven’t flooded phone calls to the committee chairman to get that bill to the floor for a vote.  I guess they’re too busy to make a phone call.  Rep. Todd Hunter, GOP or any other committee members; list see here.  SB 313 has been sitting in State Affairs committee since Feb. 15, 2023.  How many Texans have called the chairman, Sen. Bryan Hughes?  I met with him way back in 2013 about the Seventeenth Amendment, sent him a ton of documentation after I got home and he did nothing.  I wasted my time (six hour drive each way), money for hotel, gas even though he requested the documents.

We’re down to two final weeks; session ends May 29th.  To say I am very angry so few have fought to get those bills through – especially the Republican controlled legislature – is putting it mildly.  This is a golden opportunity for Texas to “just say no” to the federal tyranny coming out of DC.  So, I guess, Texans will just continue to complain about Congress destroying states with all their unconstitutional “laws”.  But, it’s not too late, fellow Texans.  Those links above take you to the pages with phone numbers.

Page I set up for state legislators so long ago on the Seventeenth Amendment.

May 10, 2023.  Think the illegals care?  Biden Revives Trump-Era Border Rule Hours Before Title 42 Set To Expire


I am going to pursue getting a resolution going in our legislature to notify Congress that the State of Texas wants a constitutional amendment to repeal the Seventeenth Amendment.  Hopefully, the word will spread throughout the state and motivate Republicans and independents to get behind this effort.