Dianne Feinstein’s Using Insulting and Bogus Stats To Push Her Gun ‘Ban’

  Source: MRCtv Remember when Democrat California Senator Dianne Feinstein made a fool of herself five years ago in D.C. trying to pontificate about firearms, even as she appeared to break multiple
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Connecticut Prepares for Gun Confiscation Over Citizens Not Abiding by New Laws

Source: Viral Survival Think back to the day that the Boston Marathon bombers were found to be still in the city and martial law nearly took effect. The streets were
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Chicago Billboard: Like Baseball, Apple Pie, AR-15s Are ‘Pure American’

Source: Breitbart A billboard in Chicago along I-55 shows the image of a baseball mitt, an apple pie, and an AR-15 rifle. Under the images are the words, “Pure American.”
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