Did Tim Cook Violate Regulation “Fair Disclosure” By Emailing Jim Cramer To Save AAPL Stock This Morning

Zero Hedge | Tyler Durden Earlier today, as AAPL stock was plummeting and had lost a whopping $75 billion in market cap, dropping as low as $92/share, CNBC’s Jim Cramer pulled
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The War Crimes of Agent Orange

Source: Brass Check TV Brought to you by Monsanto and Dow Chemical! It created a massive pay day for Monsanto and Dow. An estimated 19 million gallons (seems low) of
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Corporate Colonialism: Winners and Losers of Global ‘Free’ Trade

Source: Testosterone Pit “I think of globalisation as a light which shines brighter and brighter on a few people, and the rest are in darkness, wiped out” – Arundhati Roy
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