Bullies With Loaded Guns

Lew Rockwell | By Eric Peters | Eric Peters Autos | December 9, 2015 Here’s a CNN news story about a Prince George’s County (MD) Hero who pointed a loaded gun, gangster-style, at the head of
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Thug Kills Mother Then Throws PARTY With Her Body in the House

All Black Lives Matter, unless it’s this thug’s mother evidently. This is just wrong on so many levels, I don’t know where to begin. Source: Patriot Update TERRESA MONROE-HAMILTON MONDAY,
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Raucous Swearing In of Israel’s New Ruling Coalition

Source: Freedom 4um Stephen Lendman  May 15, 2015 It’s the most extremist in Israel’s history. It’s not a legitimate government of, by and for all Israelis equitably. It’s polar opposite.
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