Governors/Governed: Servants or Rulers; Who Serves, Who is Served?

  By Je suis Spike for RBN Regarding those “in authority” who have “shut down the economy” “for the good of all,” be they Mayors or Governors or other little
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FAKE NEWS ALERT!! Lockdown Governors to Stop Taking Pay

  By Je suis Spike Due to the lock downs sweeping across the land, many people have lost their jobs and more – many more – are expected to. Let
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Thank you, Bruce Rauner

  News Ives for Illinois

Action Alert — Charlotte Iserbyt Wants Governors Notified

  Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt, Former Senior Policy Advisor, U.S. Department of Education Exposure of importance of Carnegie-spawned  National Governors Association (NGA) in Drummond article  below (its 1959 involvement with Soviet
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It Begins: Confederate Flag Rallies Draw Thousands From Across The South

“Because he should not be taking down flags off of any monument. This is a war monument in honor of our veterans and it doesn’t matter whether they’re Confederate or
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49 U.S. Governors Request Refugees from Feds

Source: American Free Press MAY 25, 2015  • Small-town America targeted by culture distorters.  By Jenifer Dixon —  At a time when the United States suffers from record high joblessness,
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