“It is effectively a ban on barbecue restaurants in a town known for its barbecue. Of course, these regulations are par for the course for a liberal city.” Source: I
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McDonald’s franchisees are terrified for the future

“The operators sit on a cliff right now. With sales going in the wrong direction, all must be conservative in our decisions. It will take only one bad decision to
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Small Business Optimism Crashes To 15 Month Lows

“But the “aha moment” in the survey, according to Cockrell, is the combination of big declines in expectations for earnings and revenue, both to the lowest level in the survey’s
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WELCOME TO WALMART: Your New World Order Superstore

Source: YouTube Published on May 7, 2015  The truth about Walmart and the New World Order. TruthMediaFilms Channel:…          

The “Economic Recovery” Continues: Businesses Are Being Destroyed Faster Than They Are Being Created

By Michael Snyder Republic Broadcasting Network What would you say about an economy where businesses are shutting down faster than they are opening?  Well, a shocking new study released by
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