Obama Cannot Be Allowed to Profit In America’s Demise

March 24, 2014 in Columnists, Dave Hodges by The Manimal

By Dave Hodges
Republic Broadcasting Network

And Obama is just getting warmed up. He must be impeached!

And Obama is just getting warmed up. How’s that Obama phone working for the Hope and Change crowd? He must be impeached!

Many Americans are left wondering why President Obama has acted in such an impotent manner with regard to the Russian invasion of a sovereign nation. Obama’s economic sanctions, which history shows never works, are laughable. There has been no reasonable show of military force by Obama and he has demonstrated to the world that dependence on America’s military might can no longer be counted upon. America no longer fulfills its obligation to its allies and defenseless nations alike. This article will show that Obama has deliberately participated in the undermining of America’s international power, is strongly contributing to the eventual demise of NATO and will result in catastrophic economic conditions at home. Yes, ladies and gentlemen, I am saying that this President is engaged in willful treason against American interests and should be impeached and convicted on the grounds of treason.

Promoting Mistrust for America

The United States people cannot trust the leadership coming out of the White House and neither can the allies of the United States. President Obama has absolutely no apparent interest in preserving and protecting the Republic.

There are two assertions which I have repeatedly made with regard to the events in Ukraine and the spin-off implications which can impact the welfare of the American people. Please allow me to be blunt without any intention of hyperbole, we are being sold out by our own President. It is likely that Obama is carrying out a script that was written back in 1994 in a document called the Budapest Document. The document intentionally weakened Ukraine in two phases and Obama was a primary player in the weakening of Ukraine when he was serving in the Senate, in 2005. Obama was a major player in strongly encouraging, almost requiring, Ukraine to destroy its conventional weapons stockpiles as well. Therefore, Obama has helped to create the present crisis. The Budapest Document called for international protection of Ukraine if they disarmed? Where is that protection, Mr. Obama?

Does any knowledgeable person believe that there is not a direct link between Obama’s actions in 2005, in which he promoted the military demise of Ukraine and his impotent actions as America’s President in 2014 in the present crisis? Both actions are highly significant and are no doubt connected.

Obama’s actions are promoting three agendas which benefit the banksters from Basel through the furtherance of Putin’s growing international power base by using the office of the President to weaken a possible US response.

1. Most analysts agree that for Putin to reconstitute a Soviet style hegemony  (i.e. the rise of an Eurasian empire), that Ukraine, its 46 million people, 120,000 soldiers and the fact that 66% of all gas exported to Europe flows through Ukraine are strong reasons for Putin to invade and occupy the country.

2. When Ukraine falls, Putin will acquire total unimpeded rights to hold much of European energy needs hostage. Putin will be free to charge what he wants for gas.  Germany, France and Italy receive a large amount of their energy needs from Russia. NATO will disintegrate under the pressure. In exchange for heated homes, Putin will demand concessions from these European nations. I can easily foresee the closing of several American-run military bases in Europe. This will free up Putin to simply roll in Russian tanks and troops, like he did in Crimea without firing a shot and occupy the old Eastern European nations which were formally referred to as the Warsaw Pact Nations. Obama has played a game of checkers and Putin has stamped checkmate on Obama’s face.

3. Numbers one and two are in the midst of occurring. Once completed, Putin will have assembled a force more powerful than the United States. I view these pre-emptive moves being designed with the ulterior purpose of getting the United States to eventually stand down without a shot because if Putin is allowed  to grow the old Soviet empire back into existence and thus, become a global military and economic force.

There is a dynamic that Putin has at his disposal today that Russia did not enjoy during the Cold War. As I pointed out in my last article, Russia can count on the military support of China, if needed.

These are the events that your President is letting come to fruition. Once NATO is irreversibly compromised and Europe falls deeper under the economic influences of Russia due to energy dependence, America will be left standing alone. Can any Obama phone user tell me that this could not have been foreseen? Oh yes, it was foreseen by the banksters, in 1994 and 2005 and Obama helped to close the deal.

Obama, Jarrett, Gore and the Joyce Foundation

If one really wants to understand why Obama was installed into the White House using bankster money and influence, one should review my discoveries regarding Obama’s early role in trying to bring cap and trade carbon trading policies to the United States. As I discovered in my investigation of the Gulf oil crisis, Obama and Valerie Jarrett were part of a group headed by Al Gore called the Joyce Foundation.

The Joyce Foundation was run by these three people and their sole purpose was to establish carbon trading schemes through the creation of such corporate entities as the Chicago Climate Exchange. This same group attempted to get the Senate to pass energy limitations upon the American people which would have eventually rolled back energy usage by the American people by 80% in an economic crushing move. Even the liberal Senate would not back Obama on this plan.

Now, you might be asking what does the Joyce Foundation have to do with the crisis in Ukraine? The two are linked because every action that Obama has taken since becoming President has been to deliberately weaken the American nation and its people. Who do you think is behind Cap and Trade? It is the bankers!  Who started the phony coup in Ukraine forcing a regime change and then installing “Yats”, a banker, as its new leader? The Ukraine is the indisputable flash point for World War III. It does not matter that the war, if there is a shooting war, will break out in Syria,  the real global conflict centers in Ukraine. And who helped disarm Ukraine? Obama!  If Ukraine was still the third largest nuclear power, or still had its conventional weapons arsenal, would Putin be getting away with what he is doing? Of course not! You can thank Obama, in large part, for the present crisis that will result in the destruction of this economy. 

Impeachment for Treason Is the Only Course of Action

I wish I were speaking to Obama supporters at this moment, I would ask them some very pointed questions. What is Obamacare doing for the American people and their health. Is it really the Affordable Healthcare Act? What do you think about the failure to complete work on the Keystone Pipeline which would have diminished our energy dependence and help make the US an oil exporter and would have helped challenge Russia’s growing energy dominance? What do you think about Obama’s announced intentions to reduce the American military to pre-World War II levels at a time when the possibility of World War III is so real?  What do you think about a President who keeps adding a trillion dollars of debt to the economy each and every year that he has been President? What do you think about his Executive Orders (e.g. 13603) which allows him to steal any asset and conscript civilian and draftee labor? What do you think about a President who ignores the MERS mortgage fraud which has resulted in the theft of millions of Americans properties by the banksters? What do you think about his continual support of endless bailouts for the banksters with our money (i.e. QE unlimited)? What do you think about his support for the NDAA and his desire to secretly arrest and indefinitely hold Americans under lock and key without any due process of law?

In the month of March of 2013, I wrote a seven part series on the Gulf Oil Explosion entitled the Great Gulf Coast Holocaust. I would suggest reviewing this part so everyone can see the character of the man running this nation into the ground. OBAMA MADE MONEY ON THE GULF OIL EXPLOSION AND HIS FINANCIAL PLANNERS HAD FOREKNOWLEDGE!  Are we going to let him make money on his role in the demise of this country? Or, are we going to put him in prison where he belongs?

Other than the damn Obama phone you are holding in your hand, what do you have to show for your mindless support of this despot? His actions go far beyond incompetence. Nobody, I mean nobody, could be this stupid to not understand what he is doing as President.

We have three choices, America. Relentlessly pursue Congress to pursue Articles of Impeachment. Second, pray for a military coup before we lose our military option against Putin. And three, lie down and take our beating.


Somebody, two decades ago, obviously saw an opportunity to rekindle the Cold War, and even have it morph into World War III, if the need ever rose. And what need would cause this conflict to be reignited? To answer that question, one has to look no further than the deliberate dismantling of Ukraine’s defenses which has left the country with absolutely no chance of pushing back a Russian invasion. Your President was part of this plot with his complicit participation in 2005. Now, he is completing the mission for which he was put into office by the banksters. Destroy the United States which will pave the way for the New World Order. Are we just going to do nothing about this treason? Or, do we take what few political tools we have left and fight back and impeach this traitor? To do nothing, in the face of absolute defeat, is not an option for me.