Putin Could Win World War III Without Firing a Shot

March 19, 2014 in Columnists, Dave Hodges by The Manimal

By Dave Hodges
Republic Broadcasting Network

He May Win WW III without firing a shot
Putin may win WW III without firing a shot.

Putin is poised to run through Ukraine like a hot knife through butter. Short of launching ICBM’s with nuclear weapons, there is little that NATO can do to counter the Russian takeover of Ukraine.

The 21st century has been widely touted as the Chinese century. That proclamation may be a bit premature. Putin is piling up an impressive string of victories and when the smoke clears from the present crisis, Putin may have established the Russians as the emerging dominant power on the planet.

By losing Ukraine to the Russians and thwarting the EU’s attempts at persuading Ukraine into joining the European Union, bad days lie ahead. The IMF, the World Bank, NATO, the Obama Administration and the Petrodollar are about to be dealt a devastating blow.

Putin is about to unleash a series of “secret weapons” so devastating, that the West may not be able effectively respond. Thus, the West, that would be you and me, will not recover.

Putin’s Secret Weapon Number One

The end of the NATO alliance and the seeds of America’s decline are explained in the following chart. Germany, America’s most important NATO ally, receives 36% of its gas from Russia. Italy receives 27% and France receives 23% of it gas from Russia.

putin natural gas mapSixty six percent of exported Russian natural gas and oil run through Ukraine. When Ukraine is firmly in the hands of Russia, Putin will hold the trump card over a large portion of European energy needs. How generous is Putin feeling?

Putin’s energy trump card lies in the fact that he can charge almost whatever he wants for gas being shipped into Europe. Some are speculating that Putin will use a classic divide and conquer strategy to drive a wedge between European interests and that of the United States.

Imagine the following scenario for a moment. Putin informs the European Union that he will no longer accept the dollar (i.e. the world’s reserve currency) as an acceptable form of currency from which to purchase their Russian imported energy products. This will have a crippling effect on the dollar, and thus, the American economy.

If Putin does refuse to accept the dollar as payment from Europe for its gas, what effect will that have on the NATO alliance? Will France, Italy and Germany succumb to Putin’s coming blackmail and will the Europeans chose economic solvency over military alliances? I would strongly suggest that the Europeans will choose economic solvency. As a result, NATO will be permanently fractured.

It is not difficult to see that Putin will forge a two tiered pricing for his exports. A discounted price will be offered to those countries desiring to make their purchase in the Euro. A elevated price will be charged to those nations who still insist on using the dollar as the medium of exchange in order to not offend their American allies. The dollar, as the World’s reserve currency is in a lot of trouble.

Putin Secret Weapon Number Two

As the world watches Putin spit in the eye of the Federal Reserve, what impact will this have on other oil producing nations? The rest of the world will undoubtedly feel emboldened to pursue the best medium of exchange for their individual situation. If the Saudi’s can exploit the situation, they will do so as well other Middle Eastern Nations. If Obama does nothing, the Petrodollar will be dead in 2014. Without a viable Petrodollar, there is no dollar. The austerity coming to America would make the economics of Italy, Greece and Spain look like a walk in the park.

Putin has time on his side as he has the ability to bleed the American economy dry. As he manipulates the world to abandon the dollar, the US economy will come to a grinding halt. Hyper-inflation will be upon us. The American standard of living will plummet. The percentage of GDP being invested into the military will go into a tail spin. Spare parts technology, the lifeblood of any fighting force will erode and much of the American military will resemble a junkyard more than a modern military fighting machine.

American Counter-Measures

In order to stop the bleeding, Obama only has a small window in which to act. Obama may not be able to control the demise of the dollar with regard to Europe’s soon-to-be energy purchases, however, it is likely that Obama will soon stage a false flag event, blame Syria, in order to have a pretext from which to invade Syria as a precursor to invading Iran and slowing the demise of the Petrodollar in the Middle East.

NATO will still disintegrate, but Obama would slow the bleeding of the Petrodollar while he and his puppet masters search for answers.

Putin’s Secret Weapon Number Three

Assad, a modern-day General Vo Nguyen Giap who drove America from Vietnam.

Will Assad become a modern-day General Vo Nguyen Giap who drove America from Vietnam?

My sources tell me that Putin is furiously arming Assad, in Syria, with high grade military equipment and numerous battlefield ready weapons in anticipation of a coming American military intervention. Assad is being armed with the capability to turn Syria into a modern-day Vietnam. Again, time is on the side of Putin. Can America afford another military quagmire? It is likely that Obama will be checkmated again by the much more savvy Putin.


Will they support America or Russia?

Will they support America or Russia?

The conclusion to this story is that there is no conclusion, yet.

There are still some extraneous variables which have yet to come into play. The $64,000 question centers on what China will do? Remember, the Chinese own a large percentage of our debt and their economic future, in large part, is based upon the maintenance of a somewhat healthy dollar. However, China has been a major participant in the BRIC nations undermining the Petrodollar by purchasing Iranian oil with gold. On the surface, it appears that China is talking out of both sides of their mouth. Make no mistake about it, China is posturing by playing both sides of the fence. In the next part of this series, an analysis of who China will ultimately side with and why will be offered.

America is not without options, but the options are not pleasant and World War III will result and the only winners will be the banksters. This will also be examined in more detail in the next article.

Finally, does anyone else find it curious that the movie, Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit, is predicated upon a Russian attack upon Wall Street? And one of the versions of Call of Duty is based upon the same scenario.