The US Military Is Playing the Nuclear Blackmail Card Against UN Occupation Forces

July 7, 2014 in Columnists, Dave Hodges by The Manimal

By Dave Hodges
Republic Broadcasting Network


Bravo Sierra is a term which can be best applied to the report that the “organic” United States is going to rise up and declare civil war against the banker-controlled Obama administration and the commencement date for this popular uprising would be July 4th. As of this writing, it is July 6th and the Obama administration is still stealing and dealing. I can barely write about this nonsense because I cannot control my hysterical laughter.

General Carter Hamm

This bogus report further stated that the deposed former commander of AFRICOM, General Carter Hamm, would be leading this insurrection against the Obama administration. Please tell me, what revolution, with leaders acting in their right mind, would EVER announce their intentions and the date of inception for an impending revolt PRIOR to launching a revolution against the ruling elite? Forget the fact that the report does not have one shred of support, it does not even make sense. However, what does make sense in the report, is that the command and control structure of the military is one of self-preservation and is still largely outside the control of any president or congress.

The very existence of the military is designed to be independent of any president or any congress.  Self-preservation is the name of the game. During the Eisenhower years, there was the infamous Continuity of Government plans, and then there was the secretive continuity of the military which has received scant attention.

The Military Controls the Nuclear Arsenal

After the introduction of nuclear weapons to the Navy, the military decided to keep control of the nuclear arsenal in case of a foreign takeover of our government, similar to the one that we see today.

My father was one of the Navy personnel that was in charge of installing nuclear weapons on the carrier Roosevelt which was the first naval vessel to be retrofitted with nuclear weapons. My father’s job consisted of rewiring the Combat Information Center (CIC) in the pursuit of this goal. The carrier departed Jacksonville and sailed around the southern tip of South America as they worked on this endeavor away from the watchful eye of the Soviets. In 1962, nuclear weapons were first installed on American submarines. The submarine fleet has its own command structure, wears its own unique uniforms, has its own disciplinary procedures that are not totally in line with United States Code of Military Justice and the control of these nuclear weapons has never been surrendered to an American president and this is by design.

Traitors Among Us

The Alger Hiss UN related spy scandal and Senator McCarthy’s pursuit of communists who had infiltrated the State Department made an impression on the military.

Obama could fire every single officer above the rank of Lieutenant and still not be able penetrate the command structure of the military’s control of nuclear weapons because of the manner in which the control structure is organized. I do not have all the details of this organizational structure, and I have pledged to not reveal the operational details that I do know, except to say that some of the control structure lies outside of active duty military personnel and therefore, outside the reach of any president.

The Bravo Sierra Report On a July 4th Revolution

Inside of every piece of disinfo, is an element of truth. Hamm lost his AFRICOM command over his failure to follow presidential orders to abort a rescue mission with regard to the murder of Ambassador Chris Stevens. This is an important development because it points to the fact that some of the military has reached the point of mutiny against the Obama administration over several key issues, most of which has to do with preserving the autonomy of the military’s most precious asset, namely, its nuclear weapons. However, what this does not indicate is that there will be a preannounced attack upon this administration. The military’s resistance is more covert and passive at this point.

A Manufactured Crisis

Most of these people are not being screened before being released across the country.

In late June, I responded to the video evidence which clearly showed UN military vehicles being transported throughout the United States. Nothing happens in isolation, so one must consider the context of these sightings. Subsequently, one need not look any further than what is going on at our southern border. I painstakingly detailed the possible pandemic health threats at our border related to the admission of untold numbers of foreign illegal aliens into our country. I documented, along with the help of Dr. Jane Orient, the potential health threats inspired by the present immigration crisis (e.g. potential Ebola from thousands of West African immigrants being illegally admitted to the country, Dengue Fever from illegal aliens coming from Honduras and Guatemala, and drug resistant TB from illegal aliens from southern Mexico, Panama, Venezuela and El Salvador).

I further detailed how members of the US Border Patrol have already contracted drug resistant TB and scabies and they are laundering their work clothes on site in order to protect their families. The designed medical crisis has begun and all that it needs to turn into the ultimate false flag event is to let nature take its course.

The Foothold for the UN Takeover

The United Nations is poised to swoop in, under the guise of humanitarian aid, and “assist” in the coming health crisis. Their presence will be welcomed by most because they will appear to be here to simply help with the present health crisis. Once the UN is out in the open as a police force, they will have gained their foothold and their subsequent power will grow exponentially. Then it will be a short step to begin enforcing the UN Small Arms Treaty Ban and all that comes with martial law which will be precipitated about by this manufactured health crisis.

Until the UN has control of America’s nuclear weapons, they cannot hope to completely subjugate this country. Part Two of this three part series will delineate the sides of the coming conflict. What you are going to read is more threatening and more plausible than the nonsense about a July 4th revolution.