Two Thirds of the World Vow to Push Back Against America and the New World Order

July 3, 2014 in Columnists, Dave Hodges by The Manimal

By Dave Hodges
Republic Broadcasting Network

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Commentary (RANT) by: Roger Landry (TLB)

Why is the G77 representing 133 countries facing off against America, the United Nations and the New World Order ?(see attached link below) Aren’t we being told daily this is a good thing, a mechanism to unite the globe for a better, richer future for all humanity. Could it be this is more elitist propaganda and lies meant only to placate and pacify us into complacency and conformity?

Excerpt #1 “June 17, 2014, Bolivia. The American and European media are doing everything they can to black this news out. But it’s not going to stay a secret for long. As of this weekend, there’s a new New World Order on Earth and its enemy is the United States, the EU, the UN Security Council and the world’s shadow government led by the IMF and WTO. This new alliance of poor countries wouldn’t be much of a threat, except it includes two-thirds of the world’s nations including China and India.”

Excerpt #2 “When the richest and most powerful nations on Earth formed the G7, G8, G20 and the like, they united to combine their dominance over the remaining 175 countries that make up humanity. And for decades, the wealthiest 20 countries led by the US have gotten exponentially more wealthy at the expense of the poorest 175 nations, who in turn have gotten even poorer. That’s been the result of the “New World Order”, led mainly by self-appointed global governments like the International Monetary Fund and the World Trade Organization.”


Is this scenario reality? Can you for one minute really believe that the push-back we see in the American liberty movement and from all those who are concerned about America’s sovereignty, is confined to the USA? Nation after nation in the so-called third world has been raped of their strategic resources and wealth by the cabal of elitist individuals who control the United States, United Nations, the World Bank or theInternational Monetary Fund with little to no regard for their sovereignty. To most of what we term the third world …

This IS the New World Order!

In the eyes of a majority of this world, America is the head of the snake or the lead puppet. Via their absolute control of the UN and other powerful global organizations, including the most powerful war machine this world has ever known, the US military, these elitists and their puppets (US and UN leaders) wreak terror and blackmail upon the globe, going anywhere, and taking whatever fancies them, with no real fear of repercussion …

This scenario is especially true for those nations without the wealth or sufficient military assets to prevent these incursions into their sovereignty. Deny them what they wish and suffer the consequences of lies (such as: We are absolutely sure Iraq has Weapons of Mass Destruction), propaganda and swift military action. Did anybody in their right mind really believe something like this was not inevitable?

America has fallen so far … from a nation the world used to look up to for protection against tyrants or abject tyranny, to a nation OF tyrants and abject tyranny.

With the dollar about to collapse as the global reserve currency, an inevitability, the only sure fire mechanism for these elitists to maintain any semblance of global control would be through the mechanism of global warfare.

Excerpt #3 – “The world’s ‘BRIC’ countries – Brazil, Russia, India and China – have publicly declared their goal of replacing the corrupted US Dollar with some other global default currency. Now that Russia and China have finally taken actual steps to do that, the remaining two-thirds of the world will most likely begin making preparations to stop using the US Dollar as well. It was only this weekend that 133 of them pledged to do just that.”

The most important part of all this hoopla for you and me is that both Washington and Wall Street have assured us this will never happen, because if it did, it would destroy the US economic system and possibly the US itself … Do you doubt for even one minute that if faced with this inevitable scenario the WAR option would not be used?


Who do you think would instigate and lead this tyranny … already possessing the most powerful military in existence? Yes my friends, it will be the US military and its minions such as NATO bringing death and destruction on an unparallelled scale across this globe. If you don’t believe this, then ask yourself why the US military already has special forces stationed in what some say is over 150 countries across the planet … WHY ???

How would it feel to wake up one day on the wrong side of WWIII ???

America is now seen (feared) as the old USSR used to be seen (feared) … as a serious threat to all who must bow to her Fiat Economic and Massive Military Might and Blackmail, only more so than the old USSR ever was because there is (or used to be) no other entity that could stand up to her. Please let me reiterate this blatant point …

The Majority Of This World HATES & FEARS The United States of America …

It is not you and I that have perpetrated the evil resulting in this scenario, but it is REALITY! We must raise our voices and let the world know that it is NOT the American people they should hate or fear, but in fact those who control America’s leaders … The puppet masters who in fact control this New World Order.

Please read the article article below. If you ever wish to live in a country trusted and admired by the global community again … It is time to speak out Americans !!!

Excerpts above from the following article …

133 G77 Nations vow to destroy America’s New World Order