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By Michael Hoffman of

December 11, 2019
This year the Anti-Defamation League (ADL), targeted our video broadcasts on YouTube. Those videos had been viewed more than 178,000 times. Our YouTube channel had 3,600 subscribers. ADL pressured YouTube to ban our films and on August 26, 2019 they were removed: Talmud debates, speeches to the Nation of Islam, Edgar Allan Poe recitation and literary analysis, Academic Freedom talk, Internet Freedom talk, media critiques, usury history lectures, an exposé of Deborah Lipstadt’s hate speech—they have all been removed at the insistence of the ADL thought police. Furthermore, in 2017 Paypal, the giant credit card processor which makes online ordering easy and secure, stopped accepting payments for our books and subscriptions after we had done business for more than ten years on Paypal, with high customer satisfaction ratings. In 2018 Amazon banned two of our studies of Judaism from the digital Kindle format accessible to millions around the world, and then completely banned our book, The Great Holocaust Trial.
How YouTube became an open, lucrative stage for anti-Semitic conspiracy theories
Times of Israel, September 4, 2019
“…Aryeh Tuchman, associate director of the ADL’s Center on Extremism, told The Times of Israel…(that the) Jewish watchdog group found that five (YouTube) channels “promulgate a variety of allegations and tropes which have been used for generations to stoke fear and hatred of Jews.” But it’s not bad enough that these channels exist. Some of them have massive followings….Michael Hoffman’s channel, the ADL added, has featured videos that have denied the Holocaust and have argued that Judaism condones pedophilia.”
(The Times of Israel is a Jerusalem-based, primarily English-language online newspaper founded in 2012 by journalist David Horovitz and the American hedge fund billionaire Seth Klarman).
Excerpt from an August 15, 2019 Press Release from the ADL ( pressuring YouTube to ban Michael Hoffman’s videos:
“Michael Hoffman’…is a Holocaust denier and anti-Semitic ideologue. In his writings and speeches, Hoffman frequently claims that Judaism condones pedophilia and the hatred of non-Jews. Hoffman’s YouTube channel has 3,600 subscribers and 178,000 views. (Hoffman stated on YouTube): “Judaism’s focus is on self-worship, people who worship themselves, and this is where I see a corollary with Nazis and with what Hitler was doing….If Judaism ever becomes supreme in the United States—and it is not yet supreme to the extent that I’m saying in terms of Israeli suzerainty—if it ever does, we’ll have the same mass murder of [non-Jews] as we see in the Israeli state.” (Emphasis supplied). On August 26 You Tube complied.
After more than ten years on YouTube all of our videos were removed because I taught the documented truth that the Babylonian Talmud under certain circumstances gives permission for child molestation, and that Talmudic Judaism teaches hatred toward goyim. These are irrefutable facts. My videos were also banned because I dared to compare Judaism’s self-worship with that of the Nazis, and predicting that if the Zionists ever gain the kind of supreme power in the United States that they exert in the Israeli state, we’ll have mass murder of American goyim, comparable to the mass murder of Palestinian goyim. My statement was predicated on the teachings of Rabbi Moses Maimonides, supreme halachic authority among the Ashkenazi Judaics. 
YouTube is a huge publicity platform. Many thousands of new people who had never known of our work searched YouTube by topic, found our videos and then searched the Internet for ways to buy our books and subscribe to our newsletter. Now that invaluable bridge to new readers and supporters is gone. We don’t have any hedge fund billionaires who we can ask to help secure our Truth Mission, or even to help us get through 2020. We hope and pray for your donation to keep our doors open, our books in print, our videos circulating and our loving (not hateful!) Internet educational outreach going strong. We don’t represent a party or an “ism,” just the truths of revisionist history®. Without your generous financial assistance, the ADL may succeed in closing us down. Please help! 
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