The Warriors Who Founded this Union of Nation-States DID Sign a Suicide Pact

December 13, 2019 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff


By Je suis Spike for RBN


There are many statists who think that they’re very clever when they tell us that the people (you, not them) have to give up some right(s) that the Constitution lists as belonging to the people because, they claim, somehow, some way, the people exercising their right(s) endanger America.  Of course, you exercising a right, is NEVER a problem.  Some in government disagree, and determined that government must restrain people from exercising their rights, even demanding that they get a permit to exercise a right.  For instance, if you have a right to keep and bear arms and government is to never infringe upon that right, then you sure shouldn’t have to get a permit from government to put a gun into your pocket to keep you from getting arrested just for bearing that gun.  Government has no more business knowing if you have a gun in your pocket than if you have a hard-boiled egg, a spoon, fork or knife in your pocket.

Tyrants demand permits from people, servants do not.

You see, the warriors who founded this union knew that, and that’s why they fought a tyrant, so that they could exercise their rights without first bending a knee to king, or to a President, a legislature, the extant bureaucracy, and sure as God makes the rain to fall on the good as well as the evil, the people should never bend a knee to an out-of-control judiciary.  The black-robed dooferati.

These warriors knew that the rights that God gave humanity reside in every individual and they fought to defend that.  Individuals have rights, groups do not.  And government, including states, do not have rights.  States have powers, but not rights.  But those powers are dependent upon the will of the people, and those who consent.

Those who signed the united states Constitution, the clever statists correctly observe, did not sign a suicide pact, but the warriors who broke with the tyrant king, and told us why they were impelled to separate from him, did sign a suicide pact, it’s called the Declaration of Independence.  It’s pretty short, give it a read.

So when some statist tells you that, somehow, some way, the exercising of your right(s) comprise problem, tell them that’s their damn problem, it’s your right, and tell them to take it up with the One who gave you that right, if they feel so bold.

I think that God would help us guard our rights if we jealously guarded them ourselves.

The warriors believed that and they lived it.  Some died for it.


Thank you for reading this,

Je suis Spike