Former Twitter CEO Dick Costolo: Line Up and Shoot Non-Woke Business Leaders and He’ll ‘Happily’ Do the Video

October 2, 2020 in News by RBN Staff


Source: Conservative Journal

Twitter has handed out lifetime bans for a lot less than this tweet, which former Twitter CEO Dick Costolo tweeted Wednesday night:

Former Twitter CEO Dick Costolo pushes murder for non-woke business leaders.

Costolo tweeted the above during an exchange regarding how business CEOs and leaders should deal with the crises 2020 has thrown at them — the pandemic, the reactions to George Floyd’s death, politics, woke cancel culture, the election, and so forth. Coinbases’s CEO Brian Armstrong had stated he would keep his business staff focused on its business, not woke activism.

That wasn’t good enough for Costolo, who subscribes to the “silence is not an option” rhetoric pushed by the capitalist Marxists at Cook Ross, the woke critical race theory firm making millions dividing society.

Critical race theory mongering for profit may be the most cynical industry in the industrialized world. It foments racial division and offers itself as a remedy — for a very hefty price — that ends up creating even more racial division. It’s commoditizing racial division and unrest.

Costolo left Twitter a few years ago, having made himself wildly rich in our capitalist market economy, to become a partner in venture capital firm Index Ventures.

Venture capitalism requires, well, capitalism, to thrive.

Costolo’s tweet, as Forbes notes, poured gasoline on the fire of our already overheated public discourse.

Costolo’s tweet is the stuff of Mao, Hitler, Pol Pot, and Stalin. Fidel Castro and leftist icon Che Guevara would be proud. Lining people up against walls for wrongthink and shooting them — and using imagery of their deaths as examples to bully others into compliance — is exactly the sort of thing all those monsters did.

What are you going to do about this, Twitter?

Nothing, of course. They’re part of the problem.

Twitter has as of this writing left Costolo’s tweet unchecked and unchanged. It’s just there, fomenting “revolution” through a cheery call to bloody murder.