Newly uncovered documents reveal the FBI is nothing more than a criminal enterprise that must be stopped

December 4, 2017 in News by Ken

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Image: Newly uncovered documents reveal the FBI is nothing more than a criminal enterprise that must be stopped

(Natural News) If ever Americans needed a president like Donald J. Trump, now is the time, because only a chief executive not owned by or beholden to the stinky, disgusting D.C. swamp can fix what used to be one of the world’s most competent, effective law enforcement agencies: The FBI.

New documents have emerged that further prove just how politicized and compromised the bureau became under President Obama, one of the most scandal-ridden presidents most Americans never knew about, thanks to the equally disgusting (and biased) “mainstream” media.

According to 29 pages of documents obtained by Judicial Watch, a government watchdog group that has doggedly pursued Obama-era malfeasance, FBI agents on the ground when former President Bill Clinton met then-Attorney General Loretta Lynch on the tarmac of an Arizona airport were more worried about covering it up than the appearance of impropriety caused by the meeting itself.

For you see, if you remember, the “impromptu” meeting between the AG and the former president just happened to take place as the Department of Justice was conducting a criminal investigation into Hillary Clinton, over her illegal mishandling of classified documents via her unsecured private home email server.

In a statement, Judicial Watch noted:

The new FBI documents show FBI officials were concerned about a leak that Bill Clinton delayed his aircraft taking off in order to “maneuver” a meeting with the attorney general.  The resulting story in the Observer is seemingly confirmed and causes a flurry of emails about the source of the article.  FBI official(s) write “we need to find that guy” and that the Phoenix FBI office was contacted “in an attempt to stem any further damage.”  Another FBI official, working on AG Lynch’s security detail, suggests instituting non-disclosure agreements.  The names of the emails authors are redacted. There are no documents showing concern about the meeting itself. 

“These new FBI documents show the FBI was more concerned about a whistleblower who told the truth about the infamous Clinton-Lynch tarmac meeting than the scandalous meeting itself,” said Judicial Watch President Tom Fitton.

“The documents show the FBI worked to make sure no more details of the meeting would be revealed to the American people. No wonder the FBI didn’t turn these documents over until Judicial Watch caught the agency red-handed hiding them,” he continued, in reference to the time it took for the bureau to actually turn them over.

“These new documents confirm the urgent need to reopen the Clinton email scandal and criminally investigate the resulting Obama FBI/DOJ sham investigation,” Fitton added.

They also confirm that the FBI has been infested with political careerists and agents who are more interested in protecting the swamp than serving the American people. (Related: Harvard Prof Dershowitz says Trump’s lawyers ought to start “reining in,” “challenging” special counsel Mueller.)

None of this has been lost on Joe Hoft, a contributor at The Gateway Pundit. In a Friday column decrying the corruption, Host called on the Trump administration to begin rooting out the bureau’s miscreants and, if necessary, prosecute some of them for any criminal behavior.

“These documents confirm what has long been suspected, that the FBI is a compromised entity that no longer is engaged in law enforcement but instead is a vehicle used by the deep state and corrupt politicians to attack and besmirch innocent American civilians,” he wrote.

He listed a litany of improper and illegal activity by Swamp creatures from the past twoadministrations — Obama’s and that of George W. Bush — as examples of why the FBI is nothing more than a tool for the deep state, since no one in the swamp ever seems to be held to account, despite evidence of criminal activities.

Many of those crimes occurred during then-FBI Director Robert Mueller’s watch, but again, were not prosecuted.

Now Mueller is busying himself with jailing or trying to jail Trump administration figures for major crimes like fibbing to [corrupt] FBI agents. Meanwhile, people like Hillary get to compromise our national security and put every American in harm’s way, without anylegal repercussions. It’s pathetic, and it’s high time these people were held to account.

Who watches the gatekeepers? I’m hoping the Trump administration is.

J.D. Heyes is a senior writer for and, as well as editor of The National Sentinel.

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