President Trump Says He Is A Wartime President: How Right He Is!

March 26, 2020 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff


By Je suis Spike

President Trump is our leader in this war against an enemy from within and he needs our support.

President Trump is fighting an enemy that originated in a swine house filled with excrement and stinking of other vile components that neither he nor any other Americans ought be plagued by. And not just Americans, but the whole world is suffering from an attack from an enemy of a form that has been seen before, but is more virulent, more putrid, more disgusting and more dangerous than ever. It’s a war that can be won, but the casualties from this war will be many.

I speak, of course, primarily of the leaders of the Democrat Party, most elected Democrats and a large segment of- but not a majority of- Democrat voters. While the parties Republican and Democrat generally present as two separate entities, some call them opposite sides of the same coin. As the national debt rises under the control of both of them and people are made to believe they need government to get by while our liberties continue to evaporate no matter which is in control, the differences between their policies is mostly one of degree. They are more two different areas of one side of the same coin.

Washington DC, more commonly called The Swamp than Swine House is loaded with pigs, feeding at the trough of money supplied by Americans’ labor. They are defecating all over America and Americans and filling our homes and lives with their excrement in the form of lies and deceit and hatred.

President Trump said that he intended to drain the swamp and you can see how the pigs have reacted. They have told the most vile lies about him through a supposedly independent press that is populated, also, by pigs living off of Americans’ labor, breathlessly reporting for more than three years about illegal actions that Donald Trump is alleged to have taken. Time and again, President Trump stood tall and took withering fire of hate and lies that would have caused nearly any other man to crumple and leave office in ignominy, saving America’s Vice President Pence from the store of hate-ammunition that the pigs doubtless have amassed and prepared for the day they need it, likely sometime before November of 2024.

We’re under attack, America and the world is, the people are, by an enemy whose danger has been known since the first lie was told. The people are pawns and prizes in a battle described in Ephesians 6:12. We can do our part, but not by praying as some misled Christians did, “Please bless the President’s plans,” when George Bush was in office, but, “Please protect our President to the extent that he is fulfilling Your will and doing Your bidding.” You know, as The Son directed, pray to the Father, “Thy will be done.” Remember James 5:16 and 17.

Pray hard and be prepared for anything, because there is nothing destructive that will not be used to prevail over THE PEOPLE by some people so vile as have been attacking America and the liberties God gave us for countless years, but who have run straight into a President who stands Tall, Resilient, Understanding, Manly and Patriotic. Perfect? Hell, no. But he is more than one stepping-stone in the right direction.

Let President Trump know when he does the right thing,

Je Suis Spike