‘Sportsball’ Commentator Bashes Liberal/Leftist Cities NOT Supporting American Citizens

February 9, 2024 in News by RBN Staff


In honor of the upcoming Super Sportsball Bowl, let’s recognize some sports media personalities don’t actually miss the boat…


Source: DailyWire.com

Stephen A. Smith Rips Democrats For Prioritizing Illegal Aliens Over Americans

Media personality Stephen A. Smith teed off on Democrats during a recent episode of his podcast for caring more for illegal aliens than American citizens who are in need.

Smith made the remarks while talking about Democratic New York City Mayor Eric Adams’ new $53 million program that will give illegal alien families who have arrived in the Big Apple a prepaid taxpayer-funded credit card.

“So you can pick and choose, what it came down to, for me is this: I see homeless folks in the streets of New York all the time that are American citizens,” Smith said. “I damn sure see them in California. We’ve got poor, impoverished, starving people who were born and raised in this nation. How in the hell do we come up with a $53 million pilot program for illegals — but folks who are here legally or born here — we don’t have enough for them?”

Smith said that while he supports helping Israel and Ukraine, it should not come at the expense of not taking care of Americans who are in need.

“What about poor and desolate citizens here?” he asked. “How the hell do you print money for foreign countries, but you don’t print that money to help eradicate folks that are starving right here in the streets of America who were born and raised here? This is what I’m talking about.”

Smith said that the solution to fixing homelessness was implementing policies that create a thriving economy and limit inflation.


“You can’t have inflation. You can’t be on the verge of a recession,” he said. “Milk don’t need to cost $7. Bread don’t need to cost $5. Don’t get me started with how much sugar costs. You can talk about employment all you want to, you can talk about the labor participation rate. But guess what, if you ain’t making no damn money, and you got to get two jobs, to pay the same prices or to buy the same amount of stuff that you used to buy and the price is higher than it used to be because of inflation, then guess what, what are you really accomplishing? That’s why Trump is on the verge of getting elected, re-elected. Because when he was in office, there was a flourishing economy.”