This Is America’s Fate If We Don’t Do SOMETHING!

April 1, 2015 in News by RBN Staff

Source: Govern America

by Miss America



The “Russian” Revolution which began in 1917 was actually the “Bolshevik Jewish takeover” of Russia.  The Russians died by slaughter, torture, and starvation in the gulags over those years, until Joseph Stalin died in 1953.   This holocaust is the biggest, most well kept secret in all of human history!


The Gulags are where fifty million white Christians were sent if they opposed the Bolshevik/Communist/Jewish swindle called Communism.  In 1917 Lenin lead the revolution of the peasants against the Czar, and then they raped Russia till this day.


To establish their iron rule, communists thought they had to rid society of all thinking and honest people.  Such types are always a threat to despotic regimes.  They almost succeeded: in twenty years of repression they rooted out many values, beliefs, and traditions that had been cultivated for centuries.



In all the death camps of Germany only 373,804 died.  Ten percent were executions, and the rests were typhus, old age, and natural causes.  In Stalin’s gulags close to 50,000,000 died.


“I did my plan and you?” asks the socialist “poster-boy.”  Communists have always been compulsive planners, even planning exactly how many people were to be sent to those camps.  Each region had to report the count of “enemies” detained, and if the regional leaders didn’t reach their quotas, then they became “enemies” themselves and joined those camps.

After they killed the brains of the nation, the Soviet Union became a kind of laughing-stock; a national bully that everyone feared because it was stupid and fat with nukes. Like a mindless giant, the Soviet Union was incapable of anything intelligent or creative. Having killed off all it’s wise and educated people, the Soviet Union was only capable of setting examples to the rest of the world of how things should not be done…..

Is anything here sounding vaguely familiar my friends? The invasion and genocide that took over Russia so long ago was financed by the same Jewish bankers who had already infiltrated and taken over the banking and monetary management of the United States, known as the Federal Reserve. Post Stalin in the 50’s and 60’s, the Jews left Russia and flooded into the newly formed Israel, while many of them immigrated to the United States, including a full complement of their most notorious, savage mafia criminals. Our newspapers called them the Russian Mafia, but they were not Russians.

When the Soviet Union fell in the 1970’s, another wave of less than desirables hit our shores again. With profits and gains they gleaned by exploiting every possible human vice and any dirty deal they could get their hands on, they have been very successful at owning mostly all of America’s politicians, all the way down to the local dog catcher. One of their three B’s always works: Buy them, Blackmail them, or Butcher them (JFK). It’s not hard when you can counterfeit paper currency to the extreme and use it for anything you want or need. They own or influence all of our critical businesses and occupy influential positions in every important social area of American life. Many top government officials are dual US and Israeli citizens. Who do you think they are loyal to?  In case you never noticed, nearly every one of our top officials have at some time, put on a yamaka and pretended to wail at a wall in Israel.  It’s disgusting!   Our own congress grew springs on their backsides when Israel’s Prime Minister Netanyahu gave a speech at the Capitol. They gave him 26 standing ovations, more than Obama got. Just what is going on here????

The Constitution? The Declaration of Independence? The Bill of Rights? Our Founding Fathers? Ha! The joke’s on you! While we floated through our lives living the American dream, or toiling to get there, they literally took over our country. We’ve become a shadow of our former selves, reduced to an outpost of Israel. We have even allowed them to use our military for every country they want to conquer, making it look like American citizens are behind these decisions. We are now not just toast, we are burnt toast folks, and it’s going to get very ugly.

Not only do they want to rule over our every breath, they want to hurt us deeply while they do it.  They hate what our country stood for and hate what we are.  Look around you.  Does what you see look at all familiar?  Did you whisper your ‘Christmas greetings’ in public this last holiday season so as not to offend that 2-3% of our population that claim to be ‘the chosen ones’?  I’m actually waiting for them (the ACLU is their cover) to demand all the crosses at the Graves of the Unknown Soldiers to be ripped out!  Did you ever think you’d see the day when being patriotic or protesting to keep the rights you once had, would brand you as a terrorist, a rebel, a dissident or an enemy combatant?  Will you ever see the handwriting on the wall?  Or will you have to be tasered, slammed face down on the cement sidewalk, or shot by your neighborhood cop on the beat to get the picture?

I don’t know about you, but I feel the American people are sleep walking into another chapter in the chronicles of Parasitic Vampire Hell, as did so many before them.  It’s an enemy we’ve been warned about since biblical days.  They were lulled into the false sense that nothing could ever hurt the USA, though all around them is evidence to the contrary.  Indeed, we are being slowly slaughtered, albeit with futuristic and nuclear technology, weaponized energy, food, water, medicines, germs, weather systems, vaccines, and by the very air we breathe. They control virtually everything we see, hear and read, and have laws in many countries that will land you in prison if you dare to question their version of history.

To take over this time, they knew they had to lay low and play their cards real close to the chest. They knew they had pulled off keeping the real holocaust hidden by rewriting the history books and naming it something other than what it was. And to this day their pressure on the world comes from the black hearted lie of playing the poor, persecuted victim, while the blood on their shirts was not their own.   The Jews have had a century’s old plan to control and rule over a New One World Government and get rid of all gentiles and useless eaters.  In this episode they use silent, stealth weapons for quiet, covert wars against us, and at this point it looks like they are winning.

I want to be clear about something here. There are good and bad people of every kind. The trouble comes when the people of good faith do not stand up and speak against the criminals associated with their own race, religions, or nationalities . This in turn hurts the whole group as they are seen by others as one. This is what is so discouraging for me. Because of the clench fisted control of our media, those of us who have spoken up about the blatant betrayal and criminality perpetrated by the people who are supposed to be leading our country, we have a voice too small to matter to the rest of the world, who have grown to hate us, justifiably. Only if it fits the goals and agenda of the real controllers will any news be allowed to appear on their most powerful propaganda machine, the TV.

Even if some truth does manage to leak out, those messengers will be vilified and demonized with the force of a military battalion unit.  As an example, Dr. David Duke just released a book titled “The Secret Behind Communism” and has been promoting it on a book tour around the world.  This book reveals the horrors of the decades long murderous Bolshevik rule in Russia described above.  Dr. Duke’s book is filled with documents, articles, and quotes from Jewish newspapers and the Zionist Jews themselves.  Yet they have been traveling the world demanding that he be banned from entering numerous countries lest their savage secrets and atrocities against humanity be exposed.  If you have ever felt incredulous when an insane bill was passed, or wondered why ‘we the people’ seem to be invisible when we begged congress not to pass it, or why our representatives and president absolutely refuse to hear us, this is why.  This is the shadow government behind everything that does or doesn’t happen.  They’ve controlled the US, Canada, England, Europe, Australia and New Zealand for decades.   These are our ‘allies’, the coalition forces of NATO, and we are the fighting forces of the UN, which was created and is managed by the Zionist banking cartel. Ingenious isn’t it? Get other country’s sons and daughters to shed their blood and lose their lives in wars of conquest, all for the voraciously greedy world bankers’, the same entities that wish to own and enslave us.  We do all the dirty work, and they take home the spoils.


Isn’t it interesting that the middle eastern countries were not under their jackbooted banking system?  In Muslim countries usury (debt that carries compounding interest) is illegal and against their religion.  But the first thing that happened after ‘we’ killed the leader or the country’s infrastructure, was the installation of a central bank just like ours, a cousin to our Federal Reserve Bank!  Without a lot of study and focus, it’s very confusing to figure it all out.  That’s just how they wanted it, and they got that too.  But remember the old cliché, just follow the money to find the answer.

Once they maneuvered around laws and financial rules, they accomplished getting the whole world intertwined, so that when one goes down, they all go. Globalism is so good, isn’t it?  This is when they move in for the final kill, knowing populations will be begging for relief, and they can offer the One World solution.  This is what we are in for very soon unless we can find a way to stop them.  There are ways, but the people who hold the key are too afraid to oust them.  Too afraid to save the country, too afraid to free us from this insidious plague.  The Federal Reserve’s charter was up last month, after 100 years of riding on our coattails and sucking the fruits of our labor along the way, till there is nothing left.  BUT, did you hear one word about ending this nightmare with them?  NO!  My God!  The solution is so simple!

Can it not be understood that these parasites on humanity have been building a barbed wire cage around us, sucking us dry, ruining our country, poisoning the planet, and taking our lives with nothing more than MONOPOLY MONEY????  It’s really sick.  I wonder if congress renewed their charter?  I’m sure they must have, since it didn’t make the news.  So much has been done behind our backs.  So much is done in secrecy, and as we see with our health care, accomplished with outright lies.  Yet we are supposed to accept this and keep our mouths shut!?  The latest coup they are working on, almost in complete secrecy, is a new trade deal with multiple countries.  No one can see what they have worked on for a couple years!  This treaty will obliterate our sovereignty, our ability to hold corporations accountable in American courts, and we will have to pay up if a corporation sues us for what they could see as something hurting their profits.  Also, we will not have free choice to contract with US companies if we want.   Yet, our ‘open and transparent’ president wants congress to ‘fast-track’ it’s passage.  It must be pretty horrible if he wants this treaty fast tracked without debate.  It’s unbelievably stunning!  What’s the big hurry Mr. Obama?  For the fun of it, since you don’t have anything better to do, you really need to call your congressional representative and urge him/her not to vote for fast-tracking the TPP (Trans Pacific Partnership).  That is, unless you don’t mind losing a few million more US jobs!  Geeez!  ObamaCare, amnesty for millions of law breakers and criminals, the TPP, and they want states to gather to write a new Constitution?  (They say they just want to write one amendment, to force a balanced budget. They lie! They do that sometimes, you know?)


This new Constitution was written long ago and they have been waiting for just the right time to bring it in.   Sure, like when the citizens are dealing with at least 10 critical issues concerning our government, and looking for a job, and in the middle of going broke.  Alert people have kept it from happening, rejecting the idea quite a few times in the past, but they never give up.   They want nothing more than to have it beofficial:  Our country’s Constitution is dead and gone!!  You mean you would go through all the hassle of coordinating 34 states for a Constitutional Convention, just to add one little amendment?  What is most transparent are the lies and how much in a hurry they are to get to their end game.  When you call your representative, ask him just how many nails  it takes to seal America’s coffin??

It doesn’t matter now if you want to stay in denial, or try to help save your country. Whether you are with us, or with the traitors, we will all pay our dues one day. So keep playing possum, or continue your role as Rip Van Winkle, but let this be on your conscience; you’ve taken all of us down with your apathy, denial, and disinterest. And if you don’t think history repeats itself, go back to the top and read again. How many people will die today by their hand? The killing never stopped.

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