Meet the Americans who don’t know why we celebrate Independence Day, what country we declared independence from, what year the Declaration of Independence was signed, and other basic
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Stand Vigilant this Fourth of July: We the People Must Be Ready, Willing, and Able to Stop Terrorists (and Tyrants)

“Frankly, we should all be doing that all the time, anyway, and that means going armed at all times so we are able to put a stop to an active
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On America’s 238th birthday, it’s time to examine our shrinking circle of liberty

Source: Natural News Not long ago, a steadfast and determined group of British subjects banded together to form a political movement whose aim was to throw off the shackles of
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Independence Day, 2014

Source: Anti War After a brief holiday last week, I returned to some heavy reading courtesy of the federal government. Some of the materials that I read were gratifying, and
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Celebrate Independence Day By Opposing Government Tyranny

Independence Day? 79 Percent Of Americans Are Completely Okay With The Current Level Of Tyranny

By Michael Snyder Republic Broadcasting Network On July 4th, the United States will celebrate Independence Day once again.  But who in the world are we trying to kid?  Our founders
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Ron Paul: Celebrate Independence By Opposing Tyranny

Source: Fits News This week Americans will enjoy Independence Day with family cookouts and fireworks.  Flags will be displayed in abundance.  Sadly, however, what should be a celebration of the
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