The Arkansas drug money laundering factory

June 12, 2014 in Video by The Manimal

Source: Brass Check TV

Some easy to forget facts:

1. Under former CIA Director President George Herbert Walker Bush, the US government imported tons of cocaine into the US which it received as payment for guns to the Contras. (Of course, a lot of blow was not part of the deal, it was just dope dealing from dope dealings sake.)

2. Bill Clinton was Governor of Arkansas at the time where much of this massive operation took place.

3. Under Clinton’s direct watch the system to launder all the money coming in was set up and he had total personal control over it as governor.

4. His wife, soon to be candidate for president, worked at the law firm which handled all the paperwork.

If Hillary gets the White House, she will be the fifth president in a row who had an active involvement in the cocaine business as a consumer and/or operator.

George Bush Sr, Bill Clinton, George Bush Jr., Barrack Obama…