How Can Americans Feel Safe, When There Are No Rules?

May 21, 2014 in Columnists, Dave Hodges by The Manimal

By Dave Hodges
Republic Broadcasting Network


They always say that the husband is the last to know and that a devastating extramarital affair that can serve to undermine a marriage, can simply come out of nowhere. Generally, this is not true, for when a marriage gets to the point infidelity, there are usually definitive clues that have been missed. People often become victims when they fail to recognize the times that they live in. Along these lines my fellow Americans, there are many in this country who believe that they are perfectly safe and that their freedoms are intact. The aforementioned is a child-like fantasy promulgated by people who buy into the MSM message parroted by George W. Bush when he said “They hate us for our freedoms.” What freedoms? Would this be the freedom to have a criminal CPS snatch our kids without so much of an allegation of wrongdoing on the part of the parent, while the process is devoid of the due process of law? Would this freedom consist of the freedom to have our collective money stolen from us in the infamous bailouts by the banksters?” Would this be the freedom to have our children arrested and put in chains for child-like bullying on the playground and then tagged with a criminal record? Or would this freedom consist of six year old boys being arrested for using their index finger as a gun while playing at school? Would that freedom consist of that private corporation known as the IRS harassing the enemies of the state (i.e. Obama)? Would this freedom consist of a veteran risking his/her life in their tour of duty and then be denied life-saving medical care upon returning home by the Veterans Administration? Or, would that freedom consist of the right to be murdered like Breitbart, Hastings or Clancy for reporting the criminal truth about this administration? Please show me what freedoms we are talking about?

America’s legal system and Constitution have been conquered and eradicated. There is no firewall, the people are now vulnerable and we will be the next ones to conquered and eradicated.

The Imposition of a Totalitarian System

The imposition of a brutal totalitarian system of government, in the annals of history, is far more common than it is not. Some say it was only a matter of time until America regressed into a brutal totalitarian regime similar to what has occurred in the history of our planet.

America is witnessing the Sovietization of its legal system. The similarities are striking, undeniable and should prove frightening to all Americans.

The Soviet Gulag System of Justice Consisted of Two Major Components

  • The “disappearing” of dissidents and anyone suspected of not being 100% loyal to Stalin.
  • Anyone not murdered by the Secret Police upon being secretly arrested, were exploited as slave labor in the re-education camps which would ultimately reward the state-owned corporations.

The Emerging American Gulag System of Justice Consists of Two Major Soviet Components

  • The authority of the government to “disappear” and even murder dissidents and anyone suspected of not being loyal to the ruling elite has been granted by the government, to itself.
  • Anyone not murdered by the American NDAA agents of totalitarian enforcement, upon being secretly arrested, will be forced into slave labor, which will ultimately benefit selected corporations.

There are even those in the alternative media who deny the existence of FEMA camps and ignore the fact that since 2009, Obama’s minions, through aerial assaults also have killed three U.S. citizens as well as countless of innocent civilians in both Pakistan and Afghanistan. Obama’s actions begs the question as to whether the president has the right to order the death of Americans without due process of law.

One of those controversial and well publicized drone attacks involved the killing of Anwar al-Awalki. He was an American citizen and, at the same time, a radical Muslim cleric who had relocated his family to Yemen. He was rumored to be involved in repeated attempts to attack the U.S., including the Christmas day underwear bomber plot in 2009 that would have blown up a passenger jet over Detroit. However, the murder of Anwar al-Awalki was committed without any due process of law.

Also killed as the result of a drone attack was American citizen, Samir Khan. He was the editor of “Inspire,” an alleged al Qaeda ‘s online magazine. Kahn was never accused of participating in, or being involved with the planning of any terrorist activity. And since when has it been a criminal offense to be involved in al Qaeda, since we used their assets to attack Libya and have involved members of this organization in trying overthrow Syria’s Assad. Two weeks later, after the death of his father, in a separate drone attack, al-Awalki’s 16-year-old son, who was born in Denver, was murdered by a drone. Some will say that these terrorists got what they deserved. What happens when you become the terrorist? What happens when your support of the Second Amendment becomes an issue for the administration in power? What if they don’t like your tendency to speak out in behalf of the Bill of Rights. What will you think then when YOU are the terrorist?

At the end of the day, if these three individuals were involved in terrorist activity, then they should have been arrested and tried for their crimes. Instead, our communist-in-chief, decides on his own authority to murder these three Americans without any due process of law. So, my cognitive dissonance friend, what makes you feel so safe?

The Soviet Gulag System

At the peak of the secret Soviet arrests in the 1930′s, extreme fear and even paranoia were pervasive in Soviet cities. It was common knowledge that even intellectuals slept with suitcases of warm clothes and supplies ready under their beds. The Soviet Secret Police typically carried out their arrests in the middle of the night, when there would be few if any witnesses. The Soviet citizenry lived in terror of that they would hear the sound of that ominous knock on the door.

Much like present day America, under the NSA and their chartered mandate from the Patriot Acts I and II, private conversations were scrutinized as much as published work for any possible incriminating comment which could be construed as critical of the ruling regime. Political opportunists took advantage of this insane atmosphere of fear to rid themselves of rivals. Subordinates turned in their bosses in the hope of securing their positions. Rewards were given to informants and government snitches might get improved living accommodations by denouncing a neighbor. This is the stuff of the “bad moon arising” that we are now witnessing in our country.

Many of those arrested had their fate decided quickly at the hands of an execution squad. Those, who initially survived the secret arrest, were transported to prison camps. Repression in the Soviet Union utilized prison camps for political prisoners under the rule of Lenin and then later Stalin.

The Emerging American Gulag System

Section 1021(b)(2) of the National Defense Authorization Act permits the government to use the military to detain U.S. citizens, strip them of due process and hold them indefinitely in military detention centers. Political prisoners could easily be tortured and executed because who would ever be in a position to report such a heinous crime by the state?

These inexcusable transgressions against our Constitutional liberties, could have been easily fixed by Congress. The Senate and House had the opportunity during this past month to include in the 2013 version of the NDAA, an unequivocal statement that all U.S. citizens would be exempt from 1021(b)(2), leaving the section to apply only to foreigners. However, our criminal Congress and our criminal President remained silent to the pleas to reform the NDAA  in order to conform to the Constitution.

Indefinite detention, torture, and even unsanctioned murder are now legitimized practices of the United States government under Section 1021(b)(2) of the NDAA. America even has developed their own Soviet-style informant matrix in a plot hatched by the former Director of Homeland Security, Janet Napolitano.

At the end of the day, the NDAA makes it likely that knocks on American doors followed by the implementation of Soviet-style justice is in our near future. Unfortunately, this is not where the parallels end. Consider the following for your approbation.

Forced Labor In the Soviet Re-Education Camps

One of the first Soviet forced labor camps was the Solovetsky Special Purpose Camp (SLON), known as Solovki. It was at this camp that the idea was hatched of expanding the prison system into a huge network caught on. It was found that prisoners could be used for labor at practically no cost to the state because prisoner required no wages and only minimal expense for room and board. Prisoners could simply be forced to work until they dropped dead.

The Gulag Camps rapidly spread across the Soviet Union in the 1930′s. Administered by the NKVD, the Gulag became a state within a state, with its own laws, government and even its own economy, which some speculate may have been larger than the Soviet state. Camps were located in isolated areas, many in the vast expanses of Siberia, where the climate and the land were often fatal to the political prisoners over time.

Most Soviet citizens who were sent to Siberia, never returned.

The Emerging American Gulag System

The similarities between the old Soviet Gulags and the American prison system are stunning. Consider the following contained in a recent expose by Truthout, as an unidentified female prisoner at Arizona’s state prison, at Perryville, described her day working as a laborer for a private company called Martori Farms.


“They wake us up between 2.30 and 3am and kick us out of our housing unit by 3.30am. We get fed at 4am. Our work supervisors show up between 5am and 8am. Then it’s an hour to a one-and-a-half-hour drive to the job site. Then we work eight hours, regardless of conditions … We work in the fields hoeing weeds and thinning plants…

“Currently, we are forced to work in the blazing sun for eight hours. We run out of water several times a day. We ran out of sunscreen several times a week. They don’t check medical backgrounds or ages before they pull women for these jobs. Many of us cannot do it! If we stop working and sit on the bus or even just take an unauthorized break, we get a major ticket which takes away our ‘good time’.”

Researcher, Ben Stein, stated that The American Legislative Exchange (Alec), comprised of a think-tank of 2400 state legislators from the 50 states, write uniform legislation which “has proven expertly capable of devising endless ways to help private corporations benefit from the country’s massive prison population.”  This is state-sponsored slavery. This unholy system has resulted in America, representing 4% of the world’s population, housing 25% of the world’s prison population! And most of this prison growth is being done by the privatized prisons with the promise of 100% occupancy of all all prison beds.

Welcome to the administration of justice, Gulag style. How this does not violate the 13th Amendment’s prohibition on slavery, is a mystery, or maybe it is not so mysterious, when one considers that the Bush family is at the center of privatizing prisons for profit.


Secret arrests, torture and even murder are now part of our legal system, but they are only a means to an end. The criminal elite must be planning something of monumental proportions to go to the lengths that we are witnessing under the auspices of the NDAA and accompanying gun control legislation.

George W. Bush was partially correct when he said that “they hate us for our freedoms”. This administration does hate us for the few freedoms that we have left. We are all enemies of the state. When martial law is declared this year or next, these words will reverberate inside of your head. And when your jailers are Russian and Chinese, you will wish you would have taken these warnings to heart.

The NDAA is not about protecting us. It is about protecting the state from us.The entire surveillance spy grid is about turning you into a prisoner. Perhaps we should all begin sleeping with suitcases of warm clothes and supplies under our collective beds.