If a Government Can Deny Any One Truth Government Can Deny Any Other Truth or Even All Truth*

August 31, 2016 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff

By Je Suis Spike
    If a government can deny any one truth, it can deny any other truth.  If a government can lie by changing the meaning of words e.g. changing “taxes” to “investments,” nobody is safe from the lies and crimes of government that are manifested by- and manifested in- denying truth and denying that words mean things.
  • If government can deny that men are men and women are women, forcing women and girls to share intimate spaces (bathrooms and showers) with men,
  • If a government is run by those who successfully convince many that oral sex is not sex,**
  • If government can deny that money stolen from the productive and given to others is not theft, but that the money of the productive is something others are entitled to,
  • If government can deny that your labor- and the fruit of your labor- is yours, claiming that government has first right to your money (primum pecuniam) and exercises that right by stealing some of your money through “withholding,”
  • If government can deny that your rights are YOUR rights, and subject to a government pre-approval before you may “legally” exercise a right, such as requiring “concealed carry permits” to put a gun in your pocket,
Then government can deny any truth.  This bodes ill for the founders’ admonition in the Declaration of Independence, “We hold these truths to be self-evident, that all men are created equal, that they are endowed by their Creator with certain unalienable Rights, that among these are Life, Liberty and the pursuit of Happiness.”
    And just listen to those who practice selective history deny thousands of years of world history when they claim that this nation was founded on slavery while neglecting to observe that only a very small percentage of African slaves brought to the Americas came to the united states of America, giving a pass both to: Africans selling other Africans into bondage and; the much greater number of Africans enslaved outside this nation. 
    DO THEY EVER?  DO THEY EVER?  DO THEY EVER admit that taking YOUR money by taxation without your consent is the same as confiscating your very labor that you traded for that money, claiming that they have first right to your labor (primo labore)?  No, they do not admit it; they just do it because they can.  In fact, our government, today, endorses the theft of people’s labor today, just the same way that many in our government claim our founders’ government endorsed slavery.  You can call it part-time slavery if you’d like.  Anybody stealing your money is stealing the labor you employed to earn that money.  It may not be all of your labor that is stolen from you, but it is some, it is unjust and IT IS tacit, if part-time, slavery.
Slavery wasn’t abolished in this nation; it was made hidden, “part-time” and, in fulfilling the liberal dream, foisted upon people of all skin tones.  Also, the slave-owners in this nation now are not plantation-owners, they are the liberals who employ all manner of deceit and subterfuge to hide the thievery of government.  That’s all a part of the liberal dream; not lifting all up, but stamping all down.  Well, stamping down all but themselves, of course.
Thank you for reading this,
Je Suis Spike
**More on the evil that this untruth makes possible another day; they continue normalizing perversion as they undermine healthy society to further their quest of the very destruction of this nation, the last and very damaged bulwark (WALL) against the world falling into the complete darkness of the domination of all the people by a very evil, corrupt few.   
If we go, the world goes. 
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