LIFE Matters Supremely…..or what else possibly can?

July 9, 2015 in Columnists, News by RBN Staff

“How anyone breathing life can ‘justify’ denying those same life energies to another aspiring human being is way, way beyond me!”

By: Carol Asher

The growing number of Americans who monitor and know what’s going on in the world today understandably are upset about many things.  At this stage, one might say, it feels like demonic insanity on steroids running away with the world!

Why, most recently, in just one week’s time (while a “Pavlovian dog” media had all eyes trained on the aftermath of the latest, mass tragedy in Charleston, S.C.), Washington’s District of Criminals has spewed out an unbelievable array of further liberty-robbing entanglements for our people:  Among them, sun-setting provisions of the intentionally mis-named P.A.T.R.I.O.T. Act and the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), were both re-authorized and extended.  Certain members of Congress accepted huge payoffs for their votes in giving Barack Obama his “fast track” authority to now make secret, dictatorial trade deals with foreign powers, under both the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) and the Trans-Atlantic Trade and Investment Partnership  (TTIP), further hogtying and weakening all U.S. economic activity.  At the same time, 5 of our 9 illustrious Supreme Court “justices” arbitrarily made it now unlawful for 300+ million Americans to oppose, in any way at all, a declared “constitutional right” to same sex marriage.  In a word, do we not seem to be losing solid ground faster than ever before??!!

Dear reader, I’ve said all that as preface in order to get to this:   Just maybe things NEED TO TOTALLY FALL APART in our country – – fall apart to the point where, finally, our impossible situation draws our focus and attention back (first, second and lastingly) to the one supreme value and essential starting point: LIFE.

Going back a number of decades, the year 1973 marked a great turning point for our nation.  It came in the form of a grave, moral test, at which, sadly, we as a people failed.  As I see it, every thing that (ever since then) has worked to devolve America into a culture of death and destruction followed naturally upon our having allowed legalized mass murder.  And of course!  How could we possibly be surprised by the fruits born of such a choice?  How could ANY supposed God-honoring people be surprised at the consequences?!

True, we the people certainly didn’t suddenly wake up one morning and decide on a culture of death.  Still, where were we when a certain “me”-centered, unregenerate segment of our population successfully lobbied an equally immoral supreme court to declare “lawful” and “constitutional” the deliberate, horrific (ghoulish!) practice of murder-on-demand of innocent, divine life in the womb?  And, collectively, where have we all been ever since?  Just where have we placed our focus and our efforts in the 40-plus years since Roe v Wade, while an unconscienable, near 60 million baby souls have been slaughtered, just within the U.S. alone?!  (If certain people insist on continuing to bemoan a Holocaust, here’s one that’s still going on!)

Sadly, cynically, I’ve long been amazed at this:  We humans still haven’t the first real clue about  how exactly a male and a female cell come together and like magic begin to multiply and divide to form a new living being.  No, we certainly don’t!  But in egocentric blindness, a good many people have no problem deciding to terminate and discard lives, like just so much garbage.

But, back to those of us who care – – and back to my strong appeal to those who sincerely do:  My own heart has literally sunk a number of times upon hearing even some of the best of our patriot commentators almost casually toss in abortion as just one among many “single issue” causes that patriot activists get involved in.  As I hope the title of this article drives home clearly, LIFE (and abortion as its unspeakably evil opposite) is anything but just another “single issue.”  Instead, as should go without saying, Life is indeed the be all and the end all of existence, and should be reverenced and guarded as just that sacred and priceless!

Such a statement as the one just made may seem the height of redundancy, and quite unnecessary.  Yet, thereupon hangs my entire argument: Unless and until God’s people – – that is, ALL PEOPLE OF GOOD WILL – –  make protection and preservation of human life the first and forever main focal point of all their endeavors, any other issue (by comparison), frankly, can’t much matter.  I believe that’s something we all need to think about, pray about, and shout from the rooftops…..until (God enabling) at least the officially authorized murder industry be eliminated from planet earth.  Some of my closer friends and associates are familiar with the more crass and unvarnished  version of my appeal as they hear me say, “Whatever else we may choose to be about, first let’s just stop the damned killing!!”  

For all the myriad problems earthlings have to deal with in their struggles for survival, for success, for spiritual growth or whatever, shouldn’t we FIRST demand that people be allowed to LIVE?  Otherwise, obviously, what chance does any person have to work out the purpose for which he or she came into the world?!  This demand for protection of life applies not only to the womb but to that same life forever thereafter, which points an equally-accusing finger at the abomination and horror of unjust warfare, as well as at all other forms of officially sanctioned  death-dealing.  Needless to say, it’s many, many centuries past the time for the people of earth to put an end to the age-old industry of murder by officialdom.

Just where do we begin, in an attempt to do something about all this?  For what it may be worth, let me share a recent experience.  Just this past week I attended a luncheon meeting hosted by a very commendable legislative lobbying organization called the Idaho Freedom Foundation (IFF).  For all the greatly appreciated efforts of the dedicated (conservative) activists involved in the group (including a number of state legislators themselves), I did take the opportunity to ask why it is still legal in Idaho to murder pre-born babies up to 20 weeks (5 full months!) of gestation.  Granted, this is far better than the full 37 weeks, but still, just think about it!  A little heart is pulsing already in just 30 days!  Little feet and hands are fully formed in less than 90, plus all those other amazing, precious developments we could mention!

I believe everyone in that meeting room felt the import of the question, and shared my concern.  In the discussion that followed, some pretty sobering facts were brought out. The first was that for all the fervor and proactive efforts of the Idaho legislature’s pro-life delegation, they remain in the minority.  We learned, too, that never has a bill to outlaw abortion totally within the state ever even been drawn up – not in all the past 42 years of Roe v Wade rule.  Unbelievable, I thought at first :What’s wrong with Idaho?!  Then came the explanation: “Federal law,” they said, (in reality, often mere ungodly Supreme Court rulings, as in this case!) “trumps state law.”  ( Doubly unbelievable it is, to think that people put forth a lie like that, even to the point of defending legalized mass murder!)  Our reps went on to explain that, because of this supposed federal supremacy, federal district court judges keep a very tight watch on all legislative action, making sure that no bill slips through to “violate” Roe v Wade (again, if you can believe it!).

On the positive side, it is to the credit of the finest members of our legislature that Idaho does now limit abortion to 20 weeks, the measure being one of some 6 pro-life bills they’ve successfully gotten through in recent years.  Inquiring as to how Idaho managed to get away with outlawing baby-killing during months 6 through 9, the reps told us it was done through their “Fetal Pain” bill, which brought into evidence the pain that a fetus is capable of feeling in later stages of development.  (Personally, I’m sure they can feel pain way before 20 weeks, but we can give thanks for at least some smaller gains.)

Some of the other related laws mandate things like prior parental consent for minors, full instruction regarding all available alternatives to abortion, and then, in the last analysis, requiring the actual (physical) presence of an attending physician for the procedure to take place (as opposed to  use of self-administered drugs, for example).  Because of the ever-so-wrong, unrelenting federal controls, the Idaho legislature has never been allowed to attack the abortion scourge directly, head on, but could come at it only from around the edges, chipping away at it piecemeal.  Progress, therefore, has been painfully slow.  Still, Idaho is to be commended, for many other states have accomplished far less.

Overall, the change of heart needed throughout this nation is so massive, broad and deep as to seem almost an impossibility at this point.  But by no means will we ever give up trying to effect precisely that transformation.  For starters here in Idaho, we’re told that installing a new, pro-life governor in 2018 is one imperative (a preferred candidate already being on board with us.)  Also, a  strong, like-minded  Attorney General (whom we already have in mind, as well).  Mainly, only lack of sufficient funding could stand in the way.  But other, more long-term remedies will likely go so far as to require some reorganization of our entire court system –  from the supremes all the way down to state districts and municipalities.  What an undertaking that will be, necessitating perhaps even a constitutional amendment or two!  Whatever it is going to take, the very best motivator of all is for us to keep in mind that, through it all, babies have continued to die, and one way or another, THAT MASS CRIME simply must be stopped!

May God help us all by leading the way!

Carol J. Asher