Sarah Sanders Booted From ‘Red Hen’ – What To Do About This Discrimination?

  Source: Lew Rockwell  

Starbucks opens door to homeless, drug problems with anti-discrimination recipe

  Source: The Washington Times Three Los Angeles locations closed their bathrooms entirely in 2016, citing safety concerns …   With its decision to allow the non-paying public unlimited access
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Did Richard Spencer Open The Eyes Of Charles Barkley?


A.I. for the defense: Bot beats traffic tickets

  Source: Pivotal Point | by Jon Markman  Next time you get a traffic ticket, there’s a bot for that. The artificially intelligent software defends drivers against traffic tickets – and wins often.
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Orwell’s Doublespeak: The Language of the Left

  Source: The Federal Observer   Leftists tolerate differences in race, gender, ethnicity, and socio-economic status but are extremely intolerant of differences of opinion George Orwell introduced the language of
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Why Israel’s schools Merit U.S. Boycott

WHTT | News Post | January 8, 2016  Another national academic group condemns racism in Israel education  LA Times Opt in story reports: “In  its annual convention this week, the Modern Language Assn., which represents
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New Laws in 2016 Show States Are Diverging on Guns, Voting

NEWSMAX | Friday, 01 Jan 2016 11:33 AM   Laws taking effect at the start of the new year show states diverging on some hot-button issues. Restrictions on carrying guns eased
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Rutgers: There’s No Such Thing As ‘Free Speech’

Daily Caller News Foundation | Blake Neff | August 23, 2015  A guide to preventing “bias incidents” published by Rutgers University warns students that the idea of “free speech” is a lie, Campus
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Equal rights ordinance foes sue mayor over ballot language

Equal rights ordinance opponents on Friday sued Mayor Annise Parker for the second time this week, challenging the ballot language that will go to voters in November. At issue is
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Putin: Russia must “cleanse” itself of homosexuality

“Putin refused to answer a question on whether he believes that people are born gay or become gay. The Russian law, however, suggests that information about homosexuality can influence a
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