JEFF SESSIONS: A Bush plant, SES pawn and agent of Deep State

  Source: State of the Nation   AG Sessions is a swamp rat who slyly presented himself as a patriot and friend of Trump but is really a globalist. State
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What’s on at Bilderberg? Secretive group of rich people meet on Russia, populism in EU & inequality

Source: RT   A select group of some of the world’s richest and most powerful people is getting together this week for the annual Bilderberg Group meeting, attracting controversy and
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The Even Older Plan for World Gov’t You’ve Never Heard Of

Roosevelt, Edith K. “Little Known World Parliament Group Pushes Along” Tallahassee Democrat, Sun, Oct 7, 1962…

Recognizing the Delphi Technique of Public Manipulation

  Description of unelected ‘regional planners’ manipulating the public into a pre-determined consensus regarding spending federal grants (bribes).    

UNESCO Promotes Multi-Pronged Approach To Resilient Cities

  via: WRITTEN BY: MODERN DIPLOMACY FEBRUARY 19, 2018 UN technocrats are obsessed with control and micro-management of people in cities, and the implementation of the seventeen so-called ‘Sustainable Development Goals’.
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  Source: WND ‘I’m glad to sit here at the right hand of Satan,’ newsman proclaimed promoting global government Editor’s note: With the 50th anniversary of the Tet Offensive in Vietnam,
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Private property: a silver bullet to socialist vampires

  By: Jon Rappoport January 11, 2018 “Once private property is abolished, the advocates for utopia win. They build their heaven on earth, which means they can take what they
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  via: Galactic Connection | By HumansAreFree For those who may be confused by the controversies surrounding the “New World Order”, a One-World-Government, and American concern over giving the UN more power;
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Kids Introduced to Illuminati Theory by the Cartoon Network

  Source: Need To Know | Paul Romano Paul Romano comments on the Cartoon Network’s show, Teen Titans Go, which, in this episode, is preparing young children to recognize Illuminati symbolism and theory
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United States Morphing Into A Lawless Country

  Source: | By Frosty Wooldridge Without laws to create civil societies—no city, no state, no nation, no people and no civilization can long endure the vagaries of lawlessness. In the
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There is Something Very Strange about This Man! (2017-2018)

  Facebook Page: WHO IS THIS MAN? Something Strange is Going On… Jared Kushner globalist george soros connection donald trump 666 fifth avenue israel antichrist spirit on earth? jason
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Evidence points to Bitcoin being an NSA-engineered psyop to roll out one-world digital currency

  Source: Natural News | Mike Adams (Natural News) I’m going to assume the readers who make it to this article are well informed enough that I don’t have to go into
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Farage’s Stinging Message To Clegg: I Told You There’d Be An EU Army

  Source: LBC Nigel Farage has issued a stinging “told you so” message to Britain’s former deputy prime minister days before a number of EU states look set to sign
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Ron Paul: Here’s The Truth About The War Between The Alt Right And Cultural Marxists

  via: Lew Rockwell | By Tyler Durden for Zero Hedge Despite recently being demonetized by YouTube, possibly for his anti-establishment views and slamming President Trump’s decision to increase troop levels in Afghanistan, former Texas
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Bella Dodd – The “New World Order” is Communism

  Source: Henry Makow In 1954, Bella Dodd, a high ranking defector from the US Communist Party, warned us that Masonic Jewish bankers are behind Communism, and this satanic cult controls
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In Bizarre Confrontation, Israel Calls George Soros A “Threat To Democratic Governments”

  Source: Zero Hedge In a bizarre diplomatic development, none other than the state of Israel has branded billionaire philanthropist George Soros, one of Hillary Clinton’s most generous donors, a
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Orwell’s Doublespeak: The Language of the Left

  Source: The Federal Observer   Leftists tolerate differences in race, gender, ethnicity, and socio-economic status but are extremely intolerant of differences of opinion George Orwell introduced the language of
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THE DEEP STATE – 50 Year Old Recording Explains Why The World Is Going Crazy | ORDER OUT OF CHAOS

  This is a recording from 1967, It describes events we see in the news today with shocking accuracy. Everything was pre-planned and they only have one goal. Myron Fagan
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  Filipino president had very strong words for the corrupt and the criminal in his country.  

5 Top Reasons to End the Fed

  Source: The John Birch Society |  by  Kristin Stockheimer The John Birch Society has taken on an ambitious agenda to end tyranny and to preserve freedom. One noteworthy new tool
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