Minnesotans at the North Dakota pipeline protest faced attack dogs, mace

  Source: City Pages |   By Susan Du For months, Native Americans from across the country have fought to block an oil pipeline cutting through the Standing Rock Reservation.Chris Juhn Since April,
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20 Months, 90 Bankruptcies In North-American Oil & Gas

  Source: Government Slaves A report published earlier this month by Haynes and Boone found that ninety gas and oil producers in the United States (US) and Canada have filed
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Israel paid GOP senator $1m to sabotage Iran accord: Reports

via: PressTV Senator Tom Cotton (R-Ark.) A Republican lawmaker at the US Senate was bribed one million dollars by Israel to try sabotaging negotiations between Tehran and the world powers,
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Mexico’s Oil Giant Posts Record $32 Billion Loss, Cuts Crude Price Forecast To $25

via: Zero Hedge For a long time, the impact of the collapsing Petrodollar was concentrated almost entirely on African and Mid-east oil exporting nations, of which none has been impacted
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Oil prices are being driven down by debt

Business Insider | Myles Udland The price of oil is being driven down by one simple thing: debt. In a post on Monday, Mark Dow at Behavioral Macro outlined the
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Israel, Saudi Arabia, Defense And Oil Spent Nearly One Trillion Urging DC For More War In 2015

Mint Press | Mint Press News Desk The defense industry spent $56,272,948 to influence Washington last year, but they weren’t the only ones urging Congress and Obama for more war.
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China Now Dumping Dollar From Oil Trade For Yuan

X22 Report

Gaddafi’s Libya was Africa’s Most Prosperous Democracy

“Prior to Colonel Gaddafi, King Idris let Standard Oil essentially write Libya’s petroleum laws. Mr. Gaddafi put an end to all of that. Money from oil proceeds was deposited directly
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Why Is Ecuador Selling Its Economic and Environmental Future to China?

“What about potential damage to the ecosystem, one of the most biologically diverse spots on the planet? Community leaders are trying to establish some control over protections of the most
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Mission Creep in Iraq

Source: Freedom4um Mission Creep in Iraq by Stephen Lendman Ominous Vietnam War echoes. On November 7, a Department of Defense news release said in part: “The commander in chief has
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