Failure to find a sexual partner is now a DISABILITY says World Health Organisation

  Source: Freedom 4um | By Horse  PEOPLE who don’t have sex or struggle to find a sexual partner to have children with will now be considered as DISABLED, according to
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(M)oral Sex?

By Je Suis Spike (Mis)using the Mother Tongue to Destroy The People, Our Standards, Our Culture, Our Land   The perverts keep, (guess what?) perverting the language, our language, American
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College Kids Say the Darndest Things: On Gender

  h/t: Jeanice Barcelo (Facebook of Birth Of A New Earth

Gender Identity: Marxist Plan to Destroy the Family

Source: Propaganda News May 16th, 2016, by David Risselada [via: Freedom Outpost]   This past week America got a glimpse into what was really meant when Barack Obama said we were
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Feminist Researcher Wants Men Put ‘In Some Kind of Camp’

Godfather Politics | by Gary DeMar | September 8, 2015  Julie Bindel is an English writer, feminist and co-founder of the group Justice for Women. Her primary areas of interest are lesbian rights,
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